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I am using a Canon i865. I printed out a photograph last night and there was far too much pink. I have been using some of these compatible inks. They aren't the actual canon can inks. Could it be I have got one that is a little bit dodgy?
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Too much pink could be caused by a large number of possible problems.-----I have seen alot of posts regarding too much of a green cast but seldom pink.

1. Could be screwed up cartridges and color balance.--only one bad cartridge could cause it.

2. Could be clogged nozzles or any cartridge not delivering enough ink.
Such as cyan or yellow.

3. Could be the electronic in the printer.--or your printing software somehow got screwed up.

4. The photopaper you are using not being a good match to the ink.

5. Other causes.

The question becomes how to isolate the specific problem.---without spending a pile of money and possibly throwing good money after bad.

I would

A. Run a few cleaning cycles and test patterns-----see if things improve. Look for any banding in the output. Realign the printhaed.
B. Try a different photopaper.---then try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software.
C. Change some software color balances settings.--or try Qimage on a two week trial. If you have a friend with any brand photoprinter, print that specific file on their printer.----you could have a corrupted file.
D. Try a different cartridge or ink vendor. Oem cartridges would be best but thats an expensive gamble----you might try a set from www.bulkinkjetcarts.com as its a cheap vendor with a known close to OEM color profile.-----or go back to your last known good third party ink but realise these vendors sometimes change sources of supply.----look for any known reviews of the current ink vendor here or on nifty stuff forums.----if you got a dodgy vendor chalk it up to experience. Find another vendor. Lots of known good ones.

Just my take on the matter-----others may have other advice.-----but I still think you need to isolate the source of the problem in some cost effective manner. But if you are refilling your own cartridges-----get an ink that is blended specifically to be used in a Canon printer----a generic ink is seldom a good choice.
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The problem you are having is consistent with changing to a 3rd party ink. The shade of the inks are different, once you have changed all the cartridges to the same manufacturer you will get less color cast, but, you will still have some.

You might be able to correct the color cast with the color sliders in the driver.
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I have a Canon i865 and have started having the problem that Osage mentioned with my prints exhibiting a green hue to them.This seems also relatedto thefact another serious problems is that my Yellow ink cartridge is being contaminated with Black so the sponge inside now looks nearly black.

Will buying a new print head solve this problem?
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