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curently I use a Xerox Phaser 7750DN to print photobooks. I print onto 60lb hammermill semi-gloss paper. The photos come out mediocre at best. I'd love to use an inkjet because I think the pictures look much, much better, unfrtunately, I can scrape off the image with my fingernail.

Is there a way to make the ink jet printed image stay on the paper?

Is there specific ink? or paper to use?


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I somewhat doubt the ink is the varaible to first look at. I think you nailed
it when you mentioned the paper. You need to find a paper with more open
texture that allow the ink to penetrate deeper. Once you find that then one can
play with inks to find something that gives a proper color balance.
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for laser printers you should not be using glossy photo paper which is normally designed for inkjets i recomend that you find some very smooth matt paper designed for laser printers.

In my opinion lasers are not suited to printing photos when compared to some of the offerings from the injet manufaturers. If you shop around find a printer such as an epson r300 or the canon ip4000 or 5000 then you will find cheap ink carts which will make an inkjet more economical than a laser especially if you get a good deal on some photo paper.
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Hi. I just joined and find the dialogue very interesting. I am the marketing product manager at Hewlett Packard responsible for ourlaser specialty papers and was just starting to look at some of the dialogue on-line about laser photo papers. At HP, we spent over two years developing new patented coating technology to have heavy, glossy papers for laser photo printing. Our friend in the UK is right that we're not talking about the high gloss quality of inkjet photos, but the quality (with the right paper) on some (HP) laser printers can be equal to offset print.

Thesenew paper products are HP Glossy Laser Photo Paper (Q6608A) which is 220gsm coated two sides and Glossy Brochure Laser Paper (Q6611A) which is C2S 160 gsm. There is also matte versions at these weights (Q6549A/200gsm and Q6543A/160gsm).

These are in letter size only today. I'm intrigued to know if there is an interest in 4x6 laser photo paper out there and what it would be used for. -m-
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I personally belive my HP 5550 is very hard to be for image quality. I've shown pictures I've printed on it using HP Premium Plus Photo Glossy and folks that have high dollar equipment, Nikon D100s' etc are amazed at the quality of the pictures.

I belive my next inkjet will be the hP Photosmart 8450, as I can find that locally for only $116 . It is being discontinued or is discontinued, but the reviews on this site and other of this printer are exactly what I am looking for. My new Fuji S9000 has the capabilities of doing B&W right in the camera, and it would be nice to have a printer with the gray photo cartridge that the 8540 has to do good B&W work.

Just my 2 cents worth.. Seems like HP has really made strides in Photo printers of late.

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