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I have been using a Canon i950 for 2.5 years now but it gave out on me this week & I am just LOST without one. Not only do I need a printer for my work but I LOVE to print my digi photo's.

I have been doing a LOT of reading the past 2 days & found the "CANON 9315A001 PRINTER CANON PIXMA IP6000D"and the "Canon PIXMA iP6000D".... they look/sound to be the EXACT SAME printer butmyeyes and brain are so TIRED of reading about these darn things that I could be missing something!

Does anyone know what the difference is? Other than one being $119.99 & the other being $212.85 at walmart's online store? ..... ooops... NOT walmart but AMAZON! Sorry if I sent anyone on a wild goose chase!)

It sounds like a great printer but I am lost as to why I should pay the higher amount (unless of course, I am overlooking something

Thanks so much! This looks like a great forum & I hope to visit often!

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They are the same printer, sometimes Amazon will have 2 prices for the same printer, I don't know which price your will be charged.

Check the Canon Web page, there are three 6000 series printers which use 6 inks, the link I is to a comparison page of all three printers.
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You have obviously been doing fine with a 6 color photo printer for work, but if is your only printer and you do a lot of text you might want to look at the iP5200. It uses the new longer lasting ink. The reason I suggest it is that with a large pigmented ink tank it would be better for text and economy. The photo quality is probably as good as your i950. Steve said this in his review conclusions:
"The iP5200 is another of Canon's 5-color printers that leaves me wondering why I own and use the 8-color i9900. When I see just how good the photo prints look when using only the three primary colors (cyan, magenta and yellow), I don't know why I need those other ink colors, or the added expense. With the 1-picoliter size ink droplets the prints are virtually grainless."

His 8 color i9900 is a step above your i950 for color prints, so that is pretty high praise for the photo quality of the iP5200. You might want to read the review: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2005_...on_ip5200.html

Amazon sells used equipment and the price range includes those. $119.99 is a decent price if it includes free shipping and is new. http://www50.shopping.com/xPC-Canon_...inter~S-P~OR-0

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Thanks for your help on this... I ended up reading & reading for about four days total (between work!) and finally decided on the Canon PIXMA iP6600D. It should be here by the end of next week as they said it should ship tomorrow.

It was also a hard decision as I like to scrapbook my pics & thought since I had to buy a new printer... maybe I should look into one that prints good 12x12 as well. In the end, I decided to just go with this one for now & we'll see what they come out with in the near future.

Again- Thanks so much... hopefully I'll be THRILLED with the 6600!

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