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Was wondering what you guys thought of Epson's recent actions of taking out lawsuits on a number of companies


Seems that Epson is really on the warpath against anyone who makes compatible cartridges. Seems the PhotoPLUS brand has really got them riled up.
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they prosecuted a few companies but there is not shortage in the supply of compatable carts here in the UK

if i choose not to pay the extortionate prices for ink and use compatables thats my business

proper prices for carts is about £11 each that £66 to fill printer with ink !!!!!!!!!!!!

or £1 each as a compatable cartridge.........my wallet is happier with the second option......or would be if i didnt have a continous ink system for both my r200s
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That Epson may be on the war path against all compatable cartridge manufacters
can't be supported by these news releases. The question is does or does not the spongeless cartridge design of photoplus infringe on existing Epson patents? Now a regional court will be asked to decide that question that is international in scope.

Even if Epson wins, certain minor changes in spongeless photoplus design may make the win moot. Or photoplus as a company may go down opening the way for others to make those minor design changes.

The larger compatable cartridge market, be it sponge or spongeless will be unaffected.
But I do see any of these efforts by inkjet printer manufacters as asking a court to defend their inalienable right to rip off consumers---something good jurists will see through and rejects on those grounds.

Who sits as judges on your courts and what are their biases are the question.

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