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Hi,I have just bought a Canon Pixma IP5000, when the supplied inks run out, what would be the best brand to replace them with and where is th ebest plac eto get them from?, not looking for the cheapest just the best compomise between cost and print quality. The original canon ones will cost about £40 a set so not really a cost effective option as my wife and 2 sons will be printing anything and everything.Is refilling a better option? if so what ink and where from?Am i best sticking with canon's own paper, will they work with someone else's ink???Thanks in advancePhil
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Hi Phil,

While someone like websnail is more familar with UK suppliers, I believe you can get inks and refill kits from the so called big three ink suppliers---concenus favorites because of their very close to Canon OEM color balance and trouble free performance. Those inks are formulalabs, MIS, and an outfit called hobbicolors--with the latter vending mostly on ebay--just type hobbicolors on the ebay search bar. To get international shipping from Hobbicolors, you may need to have a pay pal account or know someone who does.

There have been some recent posts from UK users complaining about refilling problems caused by poor quality inks--so I do urge you to avoid generic inks refill inks supposed made for all printers. And since you have a very good Canon printer, get an ink specially blended for Canon printers. In terms of UK local vendors of MIS or Formulalabs, I will rely on more familar with the UK markerplace. Nor need your ink come just from the three
I mentioned, they just are concenus favorites.

In terms of refilling, you can expect to save by a factor of at least 12x over Canon OEM in terms of ink consumableable costs. High volume users ordering ink in large quanities can save even more. As someone who made a total botch of refilling HP cartridges, take my word for it, refilling Canon cartridges is very easy.

Yes you can stick with Canon paper, but you need not be loyal to it. What you want to find is a combination of paper, ink, and printer settings that work well for you. Many Canon refillers use other brands of paper also. I still bow to local UK users because they are more familar with local markets.

With the ip5000, you have argueable the most economical inkjet printer on the planet to start out with--now you just need to find some suppliers to really start making the economy a very pleasant reality.
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The only thing Osage didn't mention is that there's a lot of useful discussion and knowledge on tap re: the Canon printer on nifty-stuff printer forums (google it).

As to more local suppliers, I use a Dutch supplier of Image Specialists ink which is the same ink as the much recommended MIS Associates. The only niggle is that you need to buy in minimums of 1 litre but if you want to contact them they are on:

http://www.refillink.biz ... Note: Do not let the website fool you.. The boss is very knowledgeable and I'm glad I looked past the external site.

If you can't get smaller quantities I can probably help as I have spare capacity here and I'm due for an order soon anyway.

That's only one supplier though and as always take opinions with a pinch of salt

Best of luck...
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Hi From Sunny Co. Durham :-)

Have a look here, http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZkbay2002they ship to the UK at a reasonable cost ($12 to $14) and the inks and empty tanks get very good reviews.

I'm currently using InkJetGoodies inks & tanks (have beebn for 3 years) but theydon't ship to the UK, I have to get them shipped to a friend in FLorida and pick them up when I go on holiday.

I've ordered a couple of sets of the Hobbicolors kits, one for an IP3000 and one for my IP4000, I asked for 2 extra sets of empty cartridge bodies and that they send the UW colour gamut inks as used in the new CLI-8 series, no problem at all:-) Dave was VERY helpful and everything is shipped and on it's way :-)
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