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I have a Cnaon IP 5000 ink jet printer that I got for Christmas from my wife. It has been amazing untilnow. I copy DVD covers and DVD's for my own personal use. The reproducxtion has been amazing. I recently ran out of black ink in my #1 cartrdge. I replaced the cartridge with a new one and when I ink jet onto the DVD it comes out blue when it's supposed to be black. When I do a DVD cover, the darkest blacks are a putrid gray and the resolution is awful even though I have the settings in my Word program whichIcopy the covers from set on high resolution. Does anbody have any suggestions. This is really pissing me off. :sad:

Kevin Droughan
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I assume it's the Photo Black (BCI-6) you've replaced, not the BCI-3 large pigment black?, is it an original Canon cartridge?, did you remove all of the tape covering the top air channel?. It sounds like you're printing without the Photo Black ink, run a nozzle check, this should show each seperate cartriges output, the bottom one is the Photo Black (6BK on the sheet). It will appear gray but that's just the Canon test print settings. If it doesn't show or is poor quality run a deep head clean and try it again, failing that try running a head alignment test, if your original cartridge still has ink in the sponge section you can refit it and try again, if the problem clears you'll know it's the new cartridge.
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