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I have been using Konicas QP Photo Paper Glossy and Photo Silky. All I can say is WOW

I actually think the prints from my s820 on this paper are better than the photo paper pro. I really like the silky/satin paper. It produces awesoe colors.

Anyone else used these papers yet?
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Try using Epson Premium Glossy Paper and use the cannon pro paper settings. I can garruantee that you will see no difference between the Premium glossy paper by Epson and the Pro Paper by Canon.
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Default Good results with non Canon Paper

I have been unable to get the Kodak paper to work properly either with my S900 printer. However, I have been using paper from Red River Paper (www.redriverpaper.com) with terrific results. I have tried their Ultra Pro Gloss (68lb) which is so close to Canon's Photo Paper Pro I can't tell the difference. I also really like their Polar Gloss (60lb) but it is really expensive but still cheaper than Canons's own paper. THe Polar Matte (60lb) is also real good. My only question would be about print life. Canon indicates a 25 year lightfast with their inks and Photo Paper pro. Frankly I don't believe that but if it is 50% that good it is still 12 years which is not bad for an inkjet. On non Canon paper the jury is out but I would guess 5-7 years displayed. In closed albums out of the light (execpt for viewing), who knows.

Does anyone know of a good source for Canon Photo Paper Pro at a reasonable price?????

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buy.com has a kit that is 10 packs (20 sheets per pack - 200 sheets total) of the Photo Paper Pro for Borderless 4x6 Printing for $55.08, which breaks down to about $0.27 - $.028 per sheet.
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TimHusker wrote:
I just took about $30.00 worth of Kodak Ultima Photo Paper back to Office Max after the first print. I bought one package of the 4 x 6 heavyest paper they had. I believe it was the 71lb. stock. It was cheezy and cheap feeling from the 'get go'. But, I stuck a sheet into my Canon i950 and using the same settings that I use for the Canon Glossy Pro Paper I cranked out something that looked like my dog just licked my first graders water color painting!

Needless to say, I took that TP back and rounded up some more Canon Pro Paper! Stick with what works is my newest motto.

I hear ya Tim. Have gone through two packs of this paper, and at least 4 cartridges of ink (2black, and 2 colour) on my Epson 785EPX.Andof courseKodaks "helpless desk", was just that.
Stick to what works.
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