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u35268 wrote:
OK have gone and bought 3 new cartridges, all the lights are now on except the bigest black (which give us an override option) and it is still giving us the same warning.

Please someone help, as it is about to be chucked out the window!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok... try the following:

- Check the PGI-5bk cartridge is not empty or fouled in any way..
- Look for anything that might be occluding or redirecting the LED beam near the prism (this is along the bottom of the cartridge near away from the ink port).. Perhaps take some pictures and post them (someone might spot something)
- Try removing all the cartridges and the printhead then reinserting the printhead before carefully replacing the cartridges..
- Sounds daft but make sure you've got all the cartridges in the right slots.
- Try holding the resume button for 5+ seconds again to see if that now clears the error.

Beyond that I'm really sorry but I'm not much help... My advice would be to phone canon support, kick up a fuss and see if there's anything they can suggest beyond replacing that last black cartridge..

If you do decide to give up... Don't do the "printer meet my fried the hammer" routine as there's plenty of people who'd take this challenge on (me included).. Depending on how you want to proceed the last option is to get a new black cart and test that.. If that doesn't work then Canon will have to accept a return and replacement.

Don't lose the faith.. sorry I can't help more.
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I use boatloads of this ink and have had this issue frequently. There's a solution-- it's a PITA, but it works. (I don't use refills, I use the kind where you have to put a Canon chip on a Chinese ink-tank, but the principle should still apply.)

You will need to keep a complete set of Canon ink for this to work. When you get this message, take out all the refilled cartridges and replace with Canon cartridges. You may have to turn your printer off then back on, or press the resume button. But now it should let you print. Print a test page to be sure. If you get a successful print, you may now remove the Canon cartridges and replace with your refilled cartridges. Power on and off again, and it may let you print. If not, you might have to start again and replace each tank individually. This has worked for me in the past, but I'm currently having the same issue, and I still can't print. So I ended up putting in ONE Canon print cartridge (Black 8, the skinny one, because that's the one I use least) and am now able to print again. Now, you can just put tape over the ink hole on the bottom of the Canon cartridges, and keep them for the next time you have the same problem. It may not be perfect, but if you only have to keep replacing ONE Canon cartridge, that should still save you some money.

Note: Every time I've had this problem it was cause by a replacement ink tank that was "leaking" too much ink, so I've always cleaned the ink carriage first before doing any of the above. Don't know if it will work without cleaning the carriage first. I hope this helps someone.
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