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A few months ago, in gleeful delight when my HP 900Cxi finally bit the dust and I could rid myself of that company's greedy, customer-antagonistic practices, I went out and bought a Canon ip5200.

Thinking I had bought something that I could refill more easily, I of course found out that I'd stumbled onto the new,chipped-cartridge customer-antagonistic Canon...doooh!!

Be that as it may, I did succeed in the drill 'n' fill technique and it is MUCH easier than with my old HP.

Everything was going fine (several refills on all 4 carts) until my magenta ran out recently. Of course I should have monitored my ink levels more (I'm not too religious about that unfortunately:roll. I refilled the magenta but that changed nothing. I've "cleaned" and "deep cleaned" more times than I can remember. Nothing. I even bought a new magenta cart. Nothing. I've squeezed it until the ink flowed out of the cart. No change. Still won't print magenta.

I've tried to swap colors to see if the magenta would print, say, in the yellow spot, but the printer won't let me.

The other colors seem to print fine. The fine screen/mesh where the ink goes into the head seems to be clear to the naked eye.

So, I'm looking for advice about how to proceed. I'm concerned about calling Canon for fear that they'll say "too bad, so sad...you went over to the dark side of refill hell and now you must be punished by a revokation of your warranty."

I've been reading through the forums (which are perhaps TOO full of good discussion). It's a bit hard to weed through it all to find quick solutions! Anyway, if there is any specific cleaning advice someone can give or if they suspect another cause...I'm all ears!

thanks for any help!
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You could of course fail to mention you had been using refills. just tell them your magenta has stopped printing.
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