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I'd seen this complaint on the Web but thought that I'd escape it because I'm not ham-handed with my things.

But no, on my camera as on several others, the dirty orange clip. designed -- I should say, mis-designed -- to hold the battery down, broke.

Cross section at the break was just over 0.07" (2mm), very thin even for top-grade engineering plastics. This plastic was solidifed [email protected]. It clearly has crystallized in a bad way and it has fractured on crystal boundaries.

Kodak has been hoodwinked by its design engineers. This part should have been metal. Possibly there have been compounding errors on the part of the plastic resin supplier and the molder as well.

$300+ camera... and it now has a laminate of glued-up bits of old business cards wedged between the battery/card door and the battery.

Send it back for warranty, you say.

Nope, I say. I can't lose the camera right now for a week, and I have no desire even to pay shipping for what is clearly a design error on a very minor part.

I'm working on a less kludgey fix and will post it here if it works. I think a better fix is required. It's likely that the battery/card door was not designed to act as the agent for holding the battery down against the fairly stiff ejector spring at the bottom of the battery compartment. If that door breaks, you'll see a $300+ camera with duct tape.

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That happened to my DX7440 the first time I put the battery in it.
It still works and the battery door is up to the task of holding it in place, my old DX6490 had no silly orange clip inside and that worked solidly for over a year (19,000 shots) and had regular battery changes.
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Old Mar 25, 2005, 12:16 AM   #3
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Got to agree. The design on that is a just stupid. It hasn't happened to me yet, but several other DX7630 owners have mentioned on this forum that it happened to them. Once solution is to use a piece of paper and put it inbetween the battery and the cover to push the battery up against the contacts. That works.

There are other ideas, just look through the forum to find them.


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I tested it the DX7440 with the smaller supplied battery (A bloody good shake while powered up) and it doesn't need anything stuffed inside to keep it working.

It looks to me this is just a safeguard to stop the battery falling out when swapping memory cards.
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Which cameras have this clip, and which do not?

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