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shooting_rubber Aug 18, 2006 8:54 AM


I'm supposed to be, getting a storm within the next few days. Anybody here know what settings to use to shoot lightning??? Use th TCON 17???

Help is Greatly Appreciated!!:-)


ronpete Aug 18, 2006 8:54 PM

There's another post asking about how to shoot lightning. However for the settings you can view my lightning post. I have also posted the EXIF settings.;forum_id=18

To shoot lightning...
  1. Use a tripod, you will be using extremely slow shutter speed, so hand holding will give you a big nasty blur.
  2. Use a low ISO setting such as 50, to prevent noise. However you will notice that I have used ISO 200 on some.
  3. Use a lower F-stop around f2.8
  4. Shutter speed of 13 to 16 secs
  5. Use minimal zoom, or widest angle. You don't know where the lightning bolt will appear.
  6. Click the shutter button to open, then wait. If a lightning bolt appears, viola! If not try, try again.
I took over 100 shots to get about 3 decent ones. These were almost done one after the other. Some would wash out, others I just missed.


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