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Hi all, hope you are well....

Can anyone offer any advice?

I love my P850, but the main issue I seem to have is auto focus.
It seems to mostly be a problem when taking close ups/macro mode.
Just been trying to take a few flower shots, (reading advice from another topic) but it just wouldn't focus.

ISO 80
and macro mode.

And then the battery died :evil:
(Got another one one order!!)

I know I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what :?
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Many people think macro runs the entire length of the zoom range and the closest subject to lens distance remains constant. This not true . To get on top of the flower you must zoom back to the wide angle range of your lens. If you are using too long a focal length the focus will not lock-in despite being in macro mode.

On my old Oly 2100uz the shutter would not click if your focus was not good.

You must use the inverse square rule

The view you see at 12 feet with a 200mm lens can be had with a 50mm lens

200 divided by 50 = 4

12 feet divided by 4 = 3 feet

The 200mm composition at 12 feet should look the same with a 50mm lens at 3 feet



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Bills advice is very good here. I've found that unless you just can't get to the position you need to shoot the photo, then you should always use the camera at full wide angle as much as possible. Try to always use a tripod or monopod for the steadiest shot possible! The widest angle also allows you to use the lowest arperture setting and gives a much better depth of field! Try Arperture Mode and get close. Don't zoom the lens but rather physically move the camera closer if possible! Just a few thoughts. Have the available light over one shoulder or at least 90 degrees to the subject. And remember this is my way not the only way!

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Old Oct 28, 2006, 12:00 PM   #4
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Thanks guys, Bill and Dawg.

I'm SOOOO glad you guys are willing to help :love:

Here's a sample of that one today I was trying to get:

The camera was saying it wasn't focused, but looks not too bad to me.

I'm well aware that there is so much to learn, and I apolagise now, but I'm gonna keep hassling you guys :blah:

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Hello again!

My ever faithful little Casio QV-R40 remains faithful!
I'm trying again to take my flower shot, but even with the advice, the P850 will not focus.
So I got my Casio, auto mode and macro on, this happens:

Details are
ISO 160

So I set the P850 as near to the same as I could, and this happens!!!!

Exactly what I was trying to achieve!!

ISO 160

Everything was perfect, auto focus etc.

This little Casio has allot to answer for

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i was taking some macros today and i was taking a few indoor shots, in the past i have had major auto focus problems but as i have gained exp. the horrid pics have become few and far between but still im against the p850 autofocus, i think its unreliable and slow sone of my pics have tottaly come way out of focus its really dissapointing sometimes but oh well i have to get on with it
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