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I would test with flash off. If flash is used I believe the camera will use a higher shutter speed.

Hand hold the camera.
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Her`s a test pic of computer screen at 1/2 second. Top is IS OFF. Bottom is ON.

Panasonic FZ30.
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IS is no real substitute for a tripod or monopod! Just a thought!
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Greetings M,

Sorry to hear of your disappointment.

After looking at your pictures, I would suggest that what you need is a good flash. There are some powerful units out there such as the Sunpak 622 (I have and use one). It has a handle mount that you can use to mount the P850 and the range is more than enough to include both situations noted in your shots.

The reason for the blur is related to the camera choosing a slow shutter speed. The smallest aperture available on your model is F/8 and the largest is F/2.8. The only options you have other than settings in between apertures is a longer shutter speed or adjusting the ISO. Since neither may what you want, then using a powerful flash should save the day for you. This situation would be true for most digital cameras.

What is an advantage to you is the fact that you have an external flash synch option on your camera. Nice!

The modes that are preset are not for every possible sport situation but for general sporting experiences. You have a lot of manual control that you can use which will allow you to use the Flash settings along with your camera settings to get the best results.

Of course, if you want, there is the Kodak P20 flash that talks to the camera and may be another way to go. If you have kids and will be shooting sporting events for some time, consider the larger flash. It will cost more but will give you the images you want.

When you get to be older, the cost of the flash or camera will be incidental to the pictures you will have to review and share.

Talk to you soon, if you think I can help further, let me know.

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company
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