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I recently purchased a Kodak P880, and am considering returning it.

I am having significant problems with image blur, particularly with the flash off. My primary subject is a 4 month old baby, and there is simply no way that he is going to keep still.

I love the color on the photos, as well as the wide angle. It performs well for outdoor landscape shots, but very poorly for indoor portraits.

Apart from a tripod, is there a solution? I would prefer to make this camera work, but am loosing faith.

Also, is there a way to take a portrait and soften the background. I have done this quite easily with other cameras, but am having a terrible bit of difficulty with this one.

Thank you so much,

Samantha Cornell
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Unfortunately, indoor portrait photography inherently needs good lighting. You may want to try manual focus... or shoot in burst with autofocus bracketing.

If you have some flavor of Photoshop or another good image editing software, you can create a layer mask, blur it to the degree you want, then "paint" away the mask from the subject you want in focus. This leaves the background blurry and makes a nice portrait effect.
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One thing I've found necessary for indoor work is to leave the "Auto" mode and go to "P", or some other mode where you can set the ISO. For some odd reason, when it's selecting ISO automatically, it will go to 50 even if it yields a shutter speed of 1/8s.

So, if you haven't already done this, set to "P", and move the ISO from auto to 100 or 200. Pictures will become more grainy, but in many cases it's a big improvement over the blur of very low shutter speeds. (1/8 s becomes 1/15 or 1/30, which are a great improvement.)

This is my only real complaint about this camera, which I've had for 7 months.
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Image blur is the result of too slow of a shutter speed. A tripod won`t help unless you`re moving the camera trying to follow the baby. You need a lot of light or high ISO.

You can change the picture size to .8 mb and then change ISO to 800 or 1600 but the pics will probably not have good quality.

Tyr it ..they`re free.
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The bottom line here is this:While the P-880 is an excellent camera, it is not designed for really low light level photography. The expectation for this camera is that the flash is going to be used.

The special external flash specifically designed for the Performance series camera, the Kodak P-20 flash,works very with the P-880 and offers conventional as well as bounce flash. Attached is a Flash Photo Sample taken using the Kodak P-20 external flash.

Attached Images
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