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I got my camera yesterday. I charged the battery and promptly took it to my niece's dance recital. Talk about trial by fire. It is next to impossible to get decent shots inside the auditorium but the Kodak produced some terrific shots....handheld...in the dark...at full zoom! Hooray! Now my problem is that I need advice on getting them saved into the computer. I have not installed the Easyshare software because everyone seems to think that it is less than great. I am running Windows XP and Idownloaded them into Microsoft Picture It. They downloaded fine but when I tried to save them as JPEGS the computer would not let me. Is this an issue with the pictures, the PictureIt softward, Windows XP or what?How can I successfully get them into my computer? Can anyone help?:P

Thanks, Kat
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Yes,,install the easyshare program,,,,others may not like it but it works great on XP.

I use easyshare for albums,e-mailing ,etc,,,with NO problems,,,i also have PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 2.0 AND C.S.,,,,When you open PSE2 you just open Easyshare get the photo,,,,tweak it the way you`d like,,then send it back to ES,,,couldn`t be easier..

The people that have had problems (most of them)don`t even wait to learn how the program works before complaining about it,,,those that i know use it all the time..


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I use the EasyShare software as well. No problems at all.

You have to be aware that most boards, newsgroups, forums, etc... are generally negative. What I mean by that is that people who buy something and find it works fine don't go looking to post about it. On the other hand, many people who have problems go looking for somewhere to vent. So most of the time you will not see an acurate proportion of "negative" opinions versus "positive" ones.

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Exactly,,,,,the program may not be the best arround,,,,but,,,it does make it a lot easier to keep track of your photos,,,by date,album,etc..it also automatically down sizes the files when you use it`s e-mail program,,,so that it won`t be returned to you due to large file size...

Just because someone couldn`t understand a new program and trashes it on the internet does not mean it`s of no use,,,usually means they spent no time using it..

I hear people say the dock is not good and won`t put the pictures where they would "like" them to go,,,

My answer to this is Kodak spent a lot of time trying to make this easy for people,,,,not everyone wants to get a degree in "computer geek" just to shot and view their pics,,,,,Kodak makes this DC and the dock for people that want easy,problem free,beautiful pics,,otherwise they`ll go buy a throw-away ,,,,one time use camera,,

They`re trying to get the market share of people that just want to take pictures,,,,,,the professional can get a DSLR,,,,this DC and ES is easy enough that a kid or older person can get ahold of this DC technology in a short time,,,and actually enjoy it...at the same time the menu options on the cam let you grow and experiment quite a bit too,,,when you find the need too..

I acn personally guarantee that if you start using ES you will not want to get rid of it,,,it works great withthe other more technical programs out there,,,and makes finding all your pics really easy..

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I also have XP and think Easyshare is a breeze. With XP all I have to do is press one button and all pics are downloaded to Easyshare and deleted from my 6490. Under "tools", "preferences",I clicked on the transfer tab and I filled in where I also want the pics to go. That way they are in Easyshare and also in my photo file automatically. It couldn't be any easier! INSTALL IT. You'll be glad you did!
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