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How much is that lens? $$$
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I've seen it from $86.00 to a $112.00. Averages about $95.00 on Ebay. if you find a good reputable dealer with a good price let us all know.

Bob M
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I bought it and the lens adapter with A UV filter and polarizer ( the two filters were used but look new )
for $135.00 plus shipping from B&H Photo. Got it in three days and can't wait to use them.

Eager Dawg
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In the U.K. £64.99 from Amazon, free delivery.Don`t know for U.S.


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cav wrote:
Cold Snail,

Have you used any other tele lenses with your DX6490. I take a lot of sporting photos and require a lense with more zoom than the Tcon-17??

I can understand the temptation to go for more and more zoom. There are plusses and minuses to consider here. Of course, the plus is that the more magnification, the easier it is to approach a difficult subject such as a skittish bird.

I've heard some wonderful things about the Raynox DCR-2020 pro. It offers a 2.2 magnifiction factor (at roughly twice the price of the TCON-17) You'll want steady hands or a tripod as any camera movement will be exagerated by a factor of, say... 2.2. Your "shaky hand" icon won't be of any use as the camera doesn't know you are using the teleconverter. With any teleconverter, you'll want a fairly fast shutter speed to compensate.

You'll also need a 62mm-55mm adaptor ring to use this on your 6490. One last bit of cold water here... from test shots I've seen, the Raynox is not appreciably better than the TCON for PF/CA.

Still, I've heard they are great lenses. I'm certainly not disappointed with the TCON-17.

Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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