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Mato34 wrote:

Hi Fava, I'm glad that you liked the page. Going to sleep now, I'll post the new photos tomorrow. I think I said somewhere that playing with your new camera you were going to learn quite fast, and so you wouldn't be a "newbie" any longer. I guess I was right...
Yes, you did say that :-). I guess nothing beats hands-on experience (trial & error essential), help and encouragementfrom people like you and others on this forum, and a few tutorials on the web - the first one I stumbled upon washttp://www.shortcourses.com/using/index.htm, which gave me the basic info I needed to go beyondpoint & shootphotography.:-)

BTW, at last it's available in Spain, but I'm going to wait to know more from the P880. having an ultrazoom yet (KM Z2) I really like the 24 mm wide angle and the mechanical zoom ring. But the P850 also likes me... :??:?
I also looked at the P880 specs when I researched for a new digital camera, but I felt it was too big a jump for me, plus I really wanted the IS.

I sent all the remaining photos - thanks for hosting them. I will probably take (and post) more pictures during the week-end. Since this excitement with my newP850 started, I postponed many other things and now I have to get back to them :-).

Best wishes and good night,
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I have time to put up one more photo from the P-850 for you to enjoy. This was taken from our back deck It was shot at ISO 50, EV-0.3 and the exposure was 1/500 at F 2.8

Sarah Joyce
Attached Images
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FAVA98 wrote:

Mine also had those values set for the exposure compensation and flash compensation, but the sharpness and the brightness were set to normal.[...] From what I understand from the manual, the settings that you mentioned are only considered in the PASM + C modes. The Auto and Scene mode are not affected by these (I hope I'm right about this :-)). I guess a newbie would start with those modes - I did:-). When I first ventured in the P mode (after playing with the Auto and Scene modes), that was the first thing I noticed, so I changed the values to 0.0.
I take my words back :-). I read on Mato's web site (http://perso.wanadoo.es/kodakpseries/) in the P850 comments section that one user ran into exactly this problem: took some pictures (probably in the P mode) and they were overexposed. Fortunately, that person then switched to Auto, the pictures came out good, so it was clear that there was some wrong setting. On the second attempt with the P mode, that person noticed the preset values for the exposure compensation and flash compensation and changed them. Hmmm...

Mato, I saw last night that you went to sleep later that you wanted, and instead you put up on your web site all the full-sized pictures that I sent. Thanks a lot, you did a very good job!

Best wishes,
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Hi everyone

Very nice picture Sarah, with such beatiful colors. On route I guess, so bon voyage!

Yes Fava, yes... it was terrible! I saw your message telling you were going to me the rest of images soon, and almost immediately the Gmail tab (which refreshes every few minutes) show 1 new email.

So I started to download the images, "and tomorrow I'll upload them while in breakfast".

But I thought on copy your comments in this forum, and (why not?) start to make the thumbails images. Just that, then I would go to sleep.

But when copying your comments, why shouldn't I upload the images at the same time?

And so... one thing, and another, and another... and finally I made all the work!! :?

But there it is right now.

Thanks to you for sharing this (very good!) sample photos with us. For sure it's the big and comprehensive set we have at the moment.

And now yes: I'M GOING TO SLEEP!! It has been a hard day...

Un saludo!
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very nice samples

and worthy of a

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Old Jan 11, 2006, 2:57 PM   #36
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Techgeek, I'm sure we all know by now that you like your p850.Many people like them, many don't. Glad you like yours. Now its time to live and let live. Unless your'e gettin a commission on them, let it go


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