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v2-0 Apr 26, 2006 7:07 AM

Digital Camera Boutique has a first impressions review of the new Kodak EasyShare V610 dual lens camera, based on the sample photos posted at Well worth a look if you're keen to carry 10x optical zoom in your pocket. Kodak is marketing this one as the "world's smallest ultra-zoom". Interesting.I better go back to lurking in the Panasonic forum... Just thought that this one was worth mentioning, seeing as I haven't been able to find much info here yet. :-)

bigdawg Apr 28, 2006 12:15 AM

Thanks for posting that info! Your always welcome to lurk here too ya know!! LOL


v2-0 Apr 28, 2006 9:29 AM

Thanks! I've been a member since last year, but I tend to lurk.Keep up the posting!Cheers.

steve Apr 28, 2006 9:52 AM

Great - not ... Just what we (you) need, yet another digital camera site that does nothing but post press releases and links to other site's reviews ... of course he wants you to click on his shopping links.

I wish all these Internet leaches would find something else to do or at the very least generate some original content :(

slipe Apr 28, 2006 11:35 AM

I agree with steve. Sites like that just clutter your search. At least the Kodak site has the complete specs.

One question the Kodak boilerplate doesn't cover is whether one of the lenses is fixed and uses digital zoom like the V570. I don't think that is as big a disadvantage on the V570 as some detractors seem to feel since it applies to the wide angle and you have a normal range with the other lens. But it would be a poor feature on the V610 since much of your normal shooting range would be using a smaller portion of the CCD.

With f8 at 10X zoom and no optical stabilization or eyelevel viewfinder I think it would be useable at maximum zoom only in bright sunlight. The TZ1 is on my list of maybes, but not the V610.

arrowspace90 Apr 29, 2006 1:23 PM

I would love to be carrying around a 10x zoom camera in my pocket, to update my 3 year old 3x.

So, there's only 2 of 'em, right? The Panasonic TZ-1 and this new (very sleek) Kodak. I think it is a stroke of genius to combine wide angle and telephoto into one tiny package. I was trying to photograph the old Air Force One 707 in it's pavilion recently and couldn't get the entire plane into the frame with my old camera. By the same token I would like to zoom bigtime for bird shots.

Lots of amateurs are critisizing the TZ-1 for it's "noise" in low light, BUT, the Panasonic DOES have optical stabilization AND an auto-focus assist light. These are very important features that seem to be missing in the sexy new Kodak.

Plus, Kodak appears to be very "proud" of their new invention, with a price tag that is reputed to be near $500 whenever it is released.

What to do? Is that brilliant 2 lens setup worth giving up stabilization and the ability to at least focus in low light in exchange for about $200 extra dollars? I honestly do not know. I wish I could buy both of them. There must be people here who will do exactly that.

Or, I can just sit back and keep waiting. Someone will eventually get all the features into a small package.

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