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Kodak Z812 IS, Z1275, V1253 three different cameras, surely one produces better video than the other; right?

Here are some general questions I have about digital image capture:

What does the camera's sensor do and why does one size at a certain MP perform better than another at the same MP? Could 10 MP look better than 12 MP on the same sensor?

Does the size of the sensor affect video quality? (Z812is, Z1275, and V1253 all take 720p @ 30fps, should one be better than the other?)

Regarding image quality, doesn't the size of the lens make a difference? (the Z812is lets in more light than the Z1275 which lets in more light than the V1253. Wouldn't this also affect video quality?)

I recently purchased the V1253 and have been happy with the videos it's produced, but I can't help but wonder if one of the other kodak cameras would produce something better. I've only shot using the 720p HQ setting which I believe records at a 13mbps bitrate, not really clear on what that means (less compression?), on a 2GB Extreme III that reads and writes upto 20MBps. The Z812is and Z1275 record at 10mbps at best, what difference should that make in the video produced?

I also have always disabled the digital image stabilization when ever I use the camera as I understand it reduces the quality of the image. Is that true?

I've owned several Kodak digital cameras and currently use a C875 as my main camera for everyday picture taking. I bought it when it was first introduced and have been very happy with the pictures it takes, so it'll continue to be my primary picture taking camera. The V1253 is not as ergonomically designed and doesn't feel as secure in hand, but I purchased it strictly for economical HD video capture. I initially tried the Aiptek A-HD, but the plastic lens produced a soft picture, the video recorded in hand was shakey, and it didn't do well with panning or action. In my opinion the V1253 performs much better.

I'm not looking for professional quality video, I can't afford it. I'm just looking for the best HD that records to SD cards in the price range I can afford, which right now happens to be under $300.

I'm considering the Z1085 IS as it looks as though it would be easier to grip, similar to my C875, and it has optical IS. I wonder if it's going to have the 720p HQ option like the V1253.
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Would it be possible to post examplesof the V1253'sdifferentvideomodes?

Also, was curiousabout what you thought of the audio quality from the V1253?


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