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Ok, have taken many shots with my new 1253 and most the time I get the little yellow had warning about camera shake. Get red and green also but, mostly yellow. I got a small tripod and put the camara on it, set 2sec delay on shutter and took a pic. Guess what...........YELLOW HAND :? Pics come out great. Is this feature really worth it or was it put there just to give us ulcers? I have turned it off so I don't have to look at it any more. Seriously, do any of you out there notice it or am I just missing something (like better pics?).
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I have used two of Kodak's cameras... and that's what i've gotten two!, stupid yellow hand, i've used tripods with them, and as an experiment I even put it on the floor with timer... still a yellow hand!.
I think the trick is to cover up the camera with cement, let it dry, and THEN take a picture
But no seriously, I do get that, even with some other brands i've used, doesn't matter, it can be rock solid and i'll still get some indication of movement.
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I believe the yellow (or red for some other cameras) is more of a warning that camera shake is critical (telling you to either change your settings or set up on a tripod) rather than telling you that shake is actually happening.
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Camera's have gotten smart, but they still don't know if they're on a tripod or not....the warning is simply an auto function measuring shutter speed, iso, possibly aperture...useful for beginners who may not realize the shutter speed is too slow


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Best explanation I have ever gotten, is the hand that you get when you look at your pictures means how sharp the photos are. If your hand was shaking or focus was not dead on (per the camera) you get a yellow one or worst....the feared red one.

Bottom line, if you like the photo, what does it matter?

On other cameras that show this when you push the shutter that is a warning to use a tripod.
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