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Bertie Nov 30, 2003 4:19 PM

Advice please
I am thinking of buying a DX 4530 and went to the local shop in the UK. The shop assistant, however, recommended the 6440, because he said that although it was only 4Mp the lens was a Schneider(?) and thus would give better pictures. Can someone please advise me?
I really don't know where I can see examples of these pictures as computer site pictures must depend upon my computer screen quality mustn't they?


discprint Dec 8, 2003 1:30 AM

definately go with the 6440. only 4mp compared to the 5mp 4530, but much, much better lens, more zoom, built in lens protector (the 4530 lens cap hangs from a string), low light auto focus, much better flash, high resolution 1.8in. LCD (134,000 pixels) almost double that of the 4530 1.8in. LCD which has a terrible resolution of about 74,000 pixels. manual settings if needed for light and aperture but auto. will do you just fine. (excellent to do business with) $359 with 6000 series dock and free shipping.
All the features I listed are not on the 4530.

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