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On my last vacation, I took about 480 photos with my camera.

I am now upgrading to a Z712. Would a 2GB card handle that or do I need a 4 GB one?

Thanks in advance.

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bladerunner6 wrote:
...took about 480 photos with my camera...I am now upgrading to a Z712. Would a 2GB card handle that or do I need a 4 GB one?
I use little 512MB cards.I regard even them as too big for safety, preferring not to put my whole set of holiday memories in one basket.

The 512MB card in the camera currently has 60 x 7.1Mpix (Basic, i.e., max compression) jpg files on it, taking up 102MB. My Z712 thinks there's room for 176 more, which would make 236 when it got full. So I think 2GB is plenty, as a 2GB would be roughly 4x the size. Such files are typically about 2000-2500KB.

A fussy foliage & grass scenewhen I took test shots in May gave file sizes (KB)....

7.1 Mpix 5 Mpix

Fine 3258 2160

Standard 2495 1586

Basic 1948 1204

I find it difficult to see the difference between the compression levels pixel for pixel, but obviously 7.1 Mpix stands up to cropping much better. If you shoot big, not very compressed images you'll take up more room and saves will be slower, perhaps. I think the 'basic' compression is not very compressed. Others will disagree radically, I expect. I inspected the images closely myself, and am happy with so-called 'basic' compression, even for big enlargements.

http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...765342#p765342is a full-size crop from a 5Mpix image at maximum (Basic) jpg compression.

Type of image causes much variation. Snowflakes in coal bunkers won't take much room.

'Tullio' an accomplished member round here, told us less than a year ago how he'd mislaid a large card with many hundreds of irreplaceable images of his UK holiday on it. So 'beware of big cards' is my advice.

Good luck with the Z712. I love mine. I've had it since May07, and the current file number is 7354. Probably only a hundred or two are burst or bracketed exposures, which cause numbers to increment to the next decade, so it's well tried & tested, with 6000-7000 shots.

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Using Kodak's charts for 7.1MP cameras you should get about 214 avg pics per GB using fine compression or 368 per GB with standard compression.

I'vehad a Z612 for 13 months and used standard compression for about 10. I used a 1 GB card for that period with a128 MB card as backup. I then switched to fine compression and after a month decided to continue using that setting. I shoot car shows, airshows and other events and have found I take around 330-350 pics per. The 533 pic capacity, using standard compression, of my 1 GB card was comfortable. Dropping the capacity to 247 pics usingfine compression was not comfortable so I've added a 2 GB (494 pics) and still carry the 1 GB card as backup. By the way the last vacation I took ~680 pics but I carried a notebook to do interim downloads.

With your Z712 I wouldn't be comfortable with less than two 2 GB cards assuming I was shooting stills only (which is true in my case.) If I were shooting video as well I would consider 4 GB SDHC cards.
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Alan T wrote:
I use little 512MB cards.I regard even them as too big for safety, preferring not to put my whole set of holiday memories in one basket.


Thanks a lot for this tip.
We sometimes get caught up in the "latest and the greatest" without realizing the repercussions. I think I'll follow your lead and stay with less memory size, more cards.
After all, with the size of SD cards, you can always slip a bunch of them in your pocket or in your cam bag.
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