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Cree77 May 14, 2006 3:16 PM

New here but not new to Steve's site.. ( great )

I now own a Kodak 10x zoom ( DX6490)... While perfectly happy with this camera and the pic quality (especially outdoors)..I want to get closer to subjects.. The other thing that is driving me crazy is the wait time from shot to shot...... It seems like forever...

So, the two things I want most without loosing good quality pics is a 12 zoom and faster shot to shot action.

I am openminded about possible other brands.. But my entire set up is Kodak with the easy share and all and all i have ever had in dig camera's is Kodak.. Maybe other camera's would work with the easy share -I don't know..

I do a LOT of research before buying anything.. Almost went SLR but decided I am really not ready for all of that... Have been looking at the Kodak P850..

Also the new Kodak Z612 and would LOVE to hear anything that you might know about that camera..

Even looked a bit at the Canon S3 IS, Panasonic Z30s & FZ7

None of the cameras seem that expensive so cost is not an issue here.

Will look forward to input..

Goofas May 15, 2006 7:24 AM

The P850 is VERY slow between shots. I had one for a short time. The screen also goes blurry when you zoom every time. The only way to get fast shot to shot times is with a DSLR...period. Consumer digicams are not really made to perform.

Cree77 May 15, 2006 10:24 AM

Thanks Goofas..

I was wondering about shot to shot time as in some of the reviews I have read on the P850 it says 1.7 seconds between shot to shot. I could live with this as my DX6490 seems to be forever between shots..

From what you have said the 1.7 seconds may be a bit or a lot of fabrication..

I know the SLRs are fast... But after doing a lot of research I really don't think this is the direction for me. I already know I am not going to take a tripod to a branding. ( smile )......

That is why I am asking questions.. I know I will not get what the SLR's offer but am wanting to find what is the best in the 12 zoom world and I do know some of them must be quicker with shot to shot time than what has been available..


Goofas May 15, 2006 3:47 PM

Check out the Panasonic 12x line. I had a FZ-15 that was fast and had a great lens. You can't beat Panasonic for the price. Fuji S5200 is fast as well.

bigdawg May 15, 2006 11:56 PM

There have been quite a few folks that were unhappy with the P850. Then again there are still quite a few that love it. I don't own one but have used one breifly and have mixed feelings about it! For me...and here I want to reinforce what I just said ...for me it's just a little overdone! There are so many bells and whistles that they just get in my way of taking photos! The 12X is just not that much more than the 10X on my DX6490! What I've seen it's not any faster shot to shot and if you put the 1.4 Kodak Teleconvertor on it and put the 1.7 Olympus TCON-17 on the 6490, then the 6490 will have the most zoom. Zoom! I really believe the 6490 has a sharper focus to it than the P850 but I could be wrong!! The P850 has more ways to compress the photo than the 6490 but I dont miss them! Until Kodak can come out with a 15X zoom on a camera as simple and easy to use as the DX6490 and move the MP's up to around 8MP or so then I'll have to stay with the trusty old DX6490 for now! Check out the ones Goofas is suggesting and pick the one that suits you.... P850 or one of the others!!


Cree77 May 16, 2006 12:42 AM

Thanks Dawg...... I do have to say I have been very happy with my 6490 to as far as quality of pics..... I would just like to get closer to subjects... ( wild life mostly ) I took some pictures of some moose the other day.. They were very co-operative for quite some time.. I was very disappointed in what I ended up with....

So do they make lenses for it that you can add on ??

I guess as long as I stay in the dig cam world I will be stuck with slow shot to shot no matter what... And as I said -- I am not up to the SLR thing.. I will put up with that if I can find a way to get closer shots..


Boily May 16, 2006 5:18 AM

You can buy the tcon17 from Olympus!!

You get a 1.7x factor, so you 10x will be a 17x zoom:cool:

You can go see this thread to see examples of the Tcon17 on the dx6490 by Bigdawg(;forum_id=38)


bigdawg May 16, 2006 10:15 AM

Thanks Boily! And you are correct! And let me say I'm not saying the P850 is not a good camera in the right hands! But right now it's just not for ME!!! LOL The Olympus TCON-17 is an excellant lens and will help you get on out there! I and folks like Boily have been able to get pretty decent shots with it hand held with the DX6490! But if you can use a mono-pod or tripod it works even better. Steadies the camera for those long lens shots! I've not been that impressed by the IS systems so far on any brand of camera. I still believe that good technique is the key and not some techno gimmic! Learn the best way for you to steady the camera and then practise, practise, practise untill you no longer have to think but rather it becomes a muscle reflex to hold the camera still! Check out the olympus TCON-17 at this page.....

I think you'll be surprised with how little it costs and how far it can put you out there.
You have a nice day ya heah!!


Cree77 May 16, 2006 9:56 PM

Thanks Boily and Dawg... This is very helpful to me...

I have decided not to jump the gun here... As I said I have been very happy with the quality of pictures on my 6490 so if I can get closer that will be GREAT...

Anything else that would help?? Do I need an adaptor of some sort to connect the lense?? What about those lense covers that help keep the UV rays out..??

Greatful for all the help I can get...


bigdawg May 17, 2006 12:14 AM

You can go here to see the lens adapter! I use a Tiffen brand sky 1-A filter but you can use a UV filter instead! They can be mounted to the lens adapter and then mount the TCON-17 on top of them! I sometimes add a polorizing filter into the stack before I mount the TCON and have had very good results that way. I believe in keeping an adapter and a UV or sky 1-A filter on at all times. Prevents the possible damage to the camera lens and lens mechanism!


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