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Default Bought new LS443, but UPS froze it? Advice needed please..


Managed to find a new LS443 special edition with the dock and all. Had it shipped UPS ground from Chicago to Southern Illinois (about 350-375 miles).

Now.. On Friday night UPS decided that they weren't going to come all the way up the 800ft long driveway and deliver the package; they put it in a plastic bag and tied it to a small bridge railing on the driveway.

Tracking info now shows it as "delivered - bridge" at 6:04pm. I came in and found it there at 11:30pm. Outside temperature at 6pm was 24f, when I found it, outside air was 19f. No markings on the box of fragile, electronics, do not freeze, etc. at all.

After opening the camera was too cold to comfortable handle with bare hands so I let it warm up for about an hour. I turned it on, got 3 or 4 "buzz" noises, then it displays "camera error #E45, see users manual". The user manual does not mention error codes by number, and a google search for #e45 just lists it as a camera internal error. A FAQ on kodak's site lists #e45 as "camera needs repair, please contact customer service".

Now, I know the loal UPS terminal manager on a somewhat personal basis. He offered the following options... .1. I check out the camera and contact him if the problem persists and they will RETURN TO SENDER AS REFUSED. (huh? the seller's fault this camera was "delivered " as it was?) I need some advice I presume, could exposure to 20f temps for about 5-6 hours have caused this?

I guess unless I go and by locally I'm out of a camera for Christmas pictures, but that isn't going to happen so off to Staples or Sam's or something.

The terminal supervisor said there was no reason the driver could not have delivered in person to our house...

Who is at fault here? I've filed a damage report with UPS, but they say it will be several weeks before anything happens.

The seller's fault for not marking the box as fragile camera equipment, or UPS for leaving it in extreme temps and could it have caused this error?

The camera just buzzes, the LCD comes on and displays that error, then it shuts off after about 30 seconds. Battery has been charged, and I do notice that the lens does not extend like my previous LS443 did.

I'm very angry right now, to the point of also being extremely frustrated. Any advice will be appreciated and thank you.

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wow, 3 days and no replies. Maybe I'll check for thoughts and ideas over on dpreview..

is it always this quiet here?
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I used my camera many times at -30 and I never had any problems operating at that temp. The camera may have been damaged during shipping. Call the manufacturer for advice if damaged return to sender
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