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I am upgrading from my DX7590. I have narrowed it down to 2 cameras: Z712 and P712. I like the Kodak cameras because in my opinion they are simple to use and take great pictures.

I am definitely an amateur, and my biggest problem has always been taking pictures at night or indoors in low light situations. I get so frustrated at their quality!

Any advice on which camera to choose would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi. I took some low light pictures that might be of interest to you. Go to

http://www.pbase.com/tgaf/image/81042138and the 3 following pictures for examples of 400, 800 and 1600 ISO without flash. the following picture and 5 after it are low light pictures taken with the flash. http://www.pbase.com/tgaf/image/80414143 I think you will find that this camera is an excellent choice for low light photography. Furthermore, it takes great pictures and is as easy to use as you like or as flexible as you want.

I do not know the P712, so I cannot give an opinion on it beyond saying I have seen lots of fine pictures taken with the camera. I cannot talk about its low light capabilities.

Good luck in your decision.

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The Z712 is an update of the Z612. The P712 is an update of the P850. The two Zs share lenses and the two Ps share lenses. Althoughboth are 12x zoomsthey are different lenses as the Zshave a max aperture of f4.8 at max telephoto vs f3.7 for the Ps. Some reviewers believe the Z lenses are sharper and have less chromatic aberration. Obviously the P712 users dispute this. Both series will take an auxiliary telephoto lens but only the P712 will take an auxiliary wide-angle lens.

The P712 has a hot shoe for an external flash and Kodak makes the P20 for this purpose.

The high ISO capability (and noise) for the P712 is the same as Z612 so the Z712 has a two stop advantage in this area.

One of the explanations for the sharpness difference between the Z612 and the P712 is that the P712 does less in-camera processing (both sharpness and noise) to allow more room for user post processing. Don't know but there have been some complaints in this forum on P712 focusing error that turn out to besimply a matter of cranking up the sharpness a bit with post processing. My opinion is that the Z612 delivers better pictures straight out of the camera than the P712.

When I bought my Z612 last Christmas my choice was that or the P712 (I paid what the Z712 costs now) and I couldn't see where the P712 delivered enough advantage to cover the $150 price difference. Having used the Z612 for 6 mos. I think I made the correct decision. Today I would select the Z712 over the P712 in a heartbeat.

As they say, "Your mileage may vary."
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Thank you. I think I'm going to go for the Z712 because it seems as if I get more bang for my buck. :-)
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