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maydencroft Aug 10, 2006 2:04 PM

I currently own a Kodak DX 6490 and generally pleased with the output but perhaps now looking at the next move up. Its a bit slow to prepare for succesive shots but other than that OK. Looking to upgrade, perhaps the new Kodak P712. However the only review I have seen on cnet sounds a little lukewarm, noise also appears to be an issue at ISO 200 and above. Do any members have a view on the upgrade path and will I see a major performance improvement or just a step change with the newer kodak cameras. Vaughan

domang Aug 10, 2006 2:23 PM

A couple of people at DPReview (KVanhoogen and rgraham)have posted goodpics from the P712. Some think it is not enough of an improvement to justify upgrading from the P850 but upgrading from a DX6490 would be a different story.

If you are not in a rush to upgrade then the P712 should come down in price after a time.

FaciaBrut Aug 10, 2006 3:18 PM

For once I'm going to try and take the position of some of the veteran denizens of this Kodak forum. I don't think a P712 (or a P850 or P880) represents enough of a significant performance upgrade from your DX 6490 to merit purchasing one. If a measurable perfomance step-up is what your after, go for an entry level DSLR like a Canon Rebel XT or Nikon D70. If you're just looking for a fresh camera, by all means grab one of the P712s, but not before you compare it to the many competitors it has.

aeroshep1 Aug 10, 2006 9:14 PM

Generally speaking, the reviews for most Kodak cameras from cnet have been less than stellar....When buying PC accesories and MP3 players it is a very good resource, but Ive never been very fond of their camera reviews. Wait until more reviews are available.

bigdawg Aug 10, 2006 9:28 PM

I don't shoot much above ISO 100 anyway! I sometimes feel those reviews are suspect as the ones doing them are often brand biased! Look it over for yourself and see if it suits you! I have to agree with FaciaBrut in that the DX6490 is still a viable camera and quite capable of some seriously fantastic shots but the problem of shot to shot times has given me problems along the way! I just don't think the P712 is enough of an upgrade to get rid of my DX6490 yet! Bells and whistles don't improve the photo! ISO 50 would be nice though!

wizbummer Aug 10, 2006 10:24 PM

I myself went from a dx6490 (LOVE that camera) to a P880. The 880 has several points that do make it a better camera, but considering its price I would have liked to see a few other things about it. The only reason I went for an 880 instead of an 850 was that, at the time I was purchasing, I could get the 880 for just $50 more. I do like having a manual focus on it, and the manual zoom at least gives it an SLR "feel" although it's actually a bit of a detriment when taking video, and in all honesty would be fine without it, but that would make it a tad heavier.

Stepping up to a dSLR straight from the 6490 may be a bit too much if you haven't already thoroughly explored the manual features of your camera, and still might be even if you have. I would say try to get a P850 (if you can find one) if you're really itching to get a camera soon, the 712's price doesn't really justify its relatively minor improvements. The 712 is currently selling for MORE than the p880 on eBay (even NEW, not refurb... wtf!), and the 880 does have quite a bit to offer but the 5.8x zoom continually proves to be inadequate for my liking, and compared to the 10x on your current camera and the 12x the 850 and 712 offer, you may agree. One good point to make, the digital zoom quality is quite improved from the 6490!

An important thing to note with a dSLR, the prices may seem pretty good but you'll be wanting to get other lenses (if for no other reason, just because you can! haha!), and you're going to have to drop some serious cash for good glass.

It's too bad kodak doesn't, and in the forseeable future won't, make an entry-level dSLR :(

bigdawg Aug 11, 2006 1:23 PM

wizbummer wrote

I have to agree with that last one Whiz!!



It's too bad kodak doesn't, and in the forseeable future won't, make an entry-level dSLR :(

maydencroft Aug 11, 2006 1:49 PM

Thanks all for the helpful responses there were some good pragmatic views on the subject. Real user comments are often the best . After much trawling on the web I was getting the impression that although there are some benefits to upgrading there is no major imperative to do so and the comments have reigned in my desire to splash out at the moment. I guess optically the images from my old DX6490 are reasonably good but the camera is just a bit 'slow out of the stalls'. The main limitation appears to be the sensor size for this class of camera - they suggest that the higher pixel counts generate more noise which in turn is more difficult to control. I believe some commentators think the pixel chase is counter productive, particuarly if you only print up to 8x 10

I'll probably wait for a while for prices to drop, perhaps wait 6 mths or so to see what comes up. There appears to be a number of leaders Canon S3, Panasonic FZ series and the Sony H5 all well rated. Mind you when you look at some of the reviews and forums for these there are grumbles - perhaps we are all getting hard to please. I kinda have a leaning toward Kodak as I served my engineering apprenticeship with them (a long time ago) - any one remember the 'instamatics'. I could build all the models from scratch, mind you they were not that complex.

I take the point about moving up to an slr and have no problems in coping with this ( I owned a number of film slr's). However I have become lazy and just like to snap the moment rather than trawl through endless menus - I think this is where the Kodak to date has advantages as all the family can use it. Even Dad now occasionally appears in the family pics on holidays!
Thanks again Vaughan

wizbummer Aug 11, 2006 8:11 PM

On that note, you may be happy to know that some dSLRs still have an "auto" mode, and I believe a few have scene presets like the consumer-level cameras :?

domang Aug 11, 2006 8:34 PM


...any one remember the 'instamatics'.
The 110s? I retired from Kodak. I was once given a promotionalInstamatic that I passed on to my nieces. It was so handythat they loved it. Took good snapshots.

bigdawg Aug 12, 2006 12:59 AM

I've got about 600 photos with an instamatic!! It at one time was all I could afford!


scrappynik Aug 12, 2006 1:10 AM

I have some vintage Kodak cameras that I picked up dirt cheap at an estate sale. No idea if they work or not, lol.

I found 3 rolls of 110 Kodak film in a box in my attic the other day...I can't wait to get them developed and see what's on them.


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