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I've been debating between these two cameras.. I was wondering what all of you think.. Is the 6340 worth the extra money? They're both 3.1mp.. I think I'm going towards the 6340.. I'm pretty much just a new person to photography and have always liked taking pictures.. I don't think I will be taking artsy photos.. So, yeah.. What do you think?
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Anyone have any input..?:sad:
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Well,yes i do,,,,,,

Can`t really compare the 2 though,,,not really fair,,the DX is the better line,,,like comparing a cavalier to a impala....

But,,,the DX is definately the better of the 2,,,both good DC `s though,,,the DX has a Schneider lense,,,best in lenses,,,IMHO ... it also has a lense that goes from 36mm-144mm,,the CX only goes from 37mm-111mm.....

The DX has a larger LCD screen,,,,1.8 versus 1.6,,,,,my 6490 has a 2.2 inch screen,,,awsum....

The DX has faster shutter speeds up to 1/2000 sec,,,versus the CX which is 1/1400 sec.....still not bad on the CX though,,,but i`ve used up to 1/1500 sec on my DX...

If your not looking for a cheaper camera,,,go for the DX,,,it`ll allow you to grow more,,and the extra lense length will be nice too...

Of course if you can afford it,,,the DX6440 is a really nice DC,,,either way,,,kodak color,ease of use,,,and consistant nice pics will make you smile,,,time and time again...

Good luck deciding,,,,,here`s what a 10X lense will give you though,,,gives you more to think about doesn`t it......


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