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Is it possible to access the memory card on this camera by connecting it to my pc with the usb cable, but WITHOUT using the awful easyshare software.
My old fuji showed up in my computer as a storage device and i preferred it that way.

Any suggestions appreciated!
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If you connect it with the USB cable I think you have to use Easyshare. (Although you might be able to use photoshop as well, I can use Photoshop Elements 4)

Here is what I do however, I uninstalled Easyshare completely and bought a cheap SD card reader for $15. So I just plug my SD card into the reader and plug that into a USB slot. It comes up as a removable storage device and is MUCH better than easyshare.

Here is a link to one such card reader at BestBuy for $14.39.

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Actually, you can get pictures from your camera if you are running Windows XP by not installing EasyShare and using the OS Wizard for cameras and scanners. When you plug in your camera you should see a screen that asks you what program you want to use to transfer your images. Choose the option you want and I believe the Windows Explorer will open and show your images. You can choose where you want them stored etc.

Your camera will not show up as a logical drive in XP - it should on ealier OS software. Kodak, along with many others, use a communication standard known as PTP or Picture Transfer Protocol. Kodak was one of the first to use this and one of the primary authors of the standard, which has been submittd to the ISO and is in the process of being adopted. There are numerous advantages to using PTP, one of which is that the new direct-to-printer standard PictBridge runs on top of PTP.

However, most OS' do not have PTP drivers in the base OS. (Windows XP and MacOS X do, everything else does not) This will require that you install a driver to communicate with the cameras.

The other standard that can be used is what is known as USB Mass Storage Device Class, or USBMSDC. This makes the device appear as a removeable mass storage device on your computer (another drive letter). Support for USBMSDC is a bit broader in the native OS (I think Windows 2000 and Windows ME also have this) you still may have to install a driver to use a MSDC device.

To install just the driver for Kodak digital cameras, run the Kodak EasyShare software install disk, select custom install and install only "Camera Connection Software" You will not get any of the Kodak EasyShare software or the automatic transfer but your camera will be recognized by the computer and will show up in Windows Explorer as a hard disk.

Good Luck, let me know if you have any trouble.

Ron Baird
Eastman Kodak Company
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Excellent, works just how i wanted it to know, thanks Ron!
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