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I just read some old post . .

People are saying that the jpeg compression affect the photos of the DX 6490 ...

I don't really understand whats the problem with the quality of the pictures...

I took a lot of photos with the DX6490 and I think they are great !!!!

Is it beacause its a old version of the DX6490 or the jpeg quality is bad???


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When you compress photo files you can lose some of the information of that file, causing it to be less than it could be. However if the photo from the compressed file looks fine to you it really doesn't matter. Because that is the real guide to go by. DO YOU LIKE IT!! I do not have any complaints of the more than 3000 pics I've taken as for as compression goes, just the fact that I've not totally mastered the camera's functions. LOL

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It's not just the Kodak that suffers from compression, any camera that saves pitures in JPEG format will exhibit some level of quality loss. In fact, the 6490 uses some excellent routines to "help" maintain image quality. Nonetheless, you will see some undesirable "clumping" in busy shots like leaves, colour shifts in high-contrast shots, and noise in low-light/high ISO noise. Not all of these are JPEG related problems, but the fact that the file format is JPEG as opposed to RAW means that these problems are more difficult to deal with in post-processing.

There was a push not too long ago by users of the 6490 to have Kodak update the firmware so that there would be more control of the implementation of these routines, but I don't think it made economic sense for Kodak to update the camera, with the 7590 on the way.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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Thank you
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