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Default DX6440?

I'm just about to buy it, though I'm having some doubts after reading this review along with it's replies.

Anyone here has or had this camera?
Comments & suggestions are highly in need here...
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Old Nov 14, 2003, 11:35 AM   #2
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I have this camera and have been extremely pleased with it.

The picture quality is excellent. I'll comment more on that later.
The autofocus is fast and very accurate. Very few pictures are out of focus even when the light is low.
The 4x optical zoom is very high quality--no distortion at the zoom settings.
The controls are very easy to use and understand
The flash is strong and even, and it takes excellent indoor prictures with good lighting and color balance.
The LCD is bright and clear.
It has more than enough optional settings for a consumer oriented camera.
Included docker is nice
Price is very good for a 4mp 4x zoom.

Picture quality. To me it is excellent. Prints are sharp and clear. Kodak uses software that produces saturated colors and a 'softer] appearance than some other cameras. that is only seen when the images are viewed on a monitor. I find this better than cameras which uses a higher 'sharpening program' and produce a grainy ', noisy or speckled type of image which I think is artificially 'sharp'. It's a matter of taste. It's designed that way, and not a function of image compression which is in about the same range as other 4 mp cameras. I also have a fuji camera , and that produces very 'sharp' images, and in most instances I can't tell the difference in sharpness between the Kodak and Fuji except at high magnifications on the monitor. The Kodak color reproduction is definitely superior.

Check out other reviews, and see some sample pics, and see if you can take some pictures of your own with it or the similar 6340.

I definitely think it's great.
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Old Dec 8, 2003, 1:58 AM   #3
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that reviewer never even printed out photos, just looked at them on a monitor. I have a Kodak DX4330, when I look ay them on my monitor the pics also do not look sharp. when i print them they are quite sharp. Also the people responding further htat review are comenting based on thr Dx 6490 that has a different lens. By the way, my next camera will be the DX 6440, NewEgg.com $359 with 6000 series dock and free shipping, USA
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Old Dec 16, 2003, 3:47 PM   #4
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Don't be affraid...this is an excelent camera...I have a DX6340 and it produces awesome photo's....It's not inferior to any other camera and it reproduce color better then average..Check my website http://www.kokas.pt.vu
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