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Old Oct 14, 2004, 8:24 PM   #1
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Join Date: Oct 2004
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Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm kind of skeptical of stuff like this, but has anyone had any experiance with these. Price is right, but I dont wanna flush $ down the toilet.\

Let me know what you think
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Old Oct 14, 2004, 9:36 PM   #2
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gruss,,don`t know what to say for sure here,,i`ve been looking at them too....

but decided i`d pass,,,,,,,the sellers refusal to answer simple questions i`ve asked

is my main problem,,that and they could well be junk,,,and take poor quality tele and

wide angle pics....he won`t reply to any e-mails,,,,and that really worries me.......

My advise,,,stay away unless he`ll gice a satisfaction guarrantee..

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Old Oct 14, 2004, 10:42 PM   #3
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Hello Gruss;

My opinion of these lenses is stay away. You may want more from your camera, but this looks like a situation where more is definitely less. I won't say any more on the subject for fear of sounding arrogant (which I'm not) or a fool (which I probably am)


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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Old Oct 15, 2004, 12:08 PM   #4
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Join Date: Oct 2004
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Thanks for the replies. Yeah thats kind of scary when they wont answer, I hadnt tried that yet.

As for sounding arrogant, you didn't and dont worry about it, I've been accused of the same thing in other forums where I'm actually semi-well informed Any reason why you think they would be bad? Basically I know nothing about the construction of lenses so if you can provide some insight I'd be more than happy to listen

Basically I'm really happy with my camera, but I like experimenting, and these were cheap enough that even if they werent perfect, likedecent optics but poor construction, they might be good for the learning curve. If the optics stink though, then it aint worth a penny, let alne 7000 of them.
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Old Oct 15, 2004, 7:08 PM   #5
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While 95% of the sellers on E bay are legitimate the other 5% are more than happy to rob people. In this case if a seller will not respond to E mails, no way for me then.

If one cannot get a response before the sale you darn sure won't get one after money back guarantee or not.

The feedback on sellers at E bay is very important to look at if they have tons of it and it's good, then they are probably ok, if only a few and they are all glowing or bad, pass.

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