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Can someone tell me the best manual setting on a DX64900 to use for the folowing settings:

1. Shooting in a room with enough light but people are moving. a flash can not be used but I want to freeze the action. I would be using a tripod

2. everyday indoor shooting without a flash. There are places where I can not shoot with a flash. Either indoor our outdoor so I need to best settings. I would be hand holding the camera

3. nightime shooting hand holding the camera.


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DISCLAIMER: I am not a photographer, but I play one on tv.

The rough answer to all 3 questions is - no :sad:

Okay now to the real answer.. I'm using the same camera an my (limited) experience is that all three of these situations are not easy to photograph.

What you'd want to do is increase the sensistivity of the 'film' - raise the ISO - it defaults to 80 which would be more for intense sunlight - you can use the MENU button and change is while in Program mode.. I've found that even using 400 - doesn't cut it in the 3 situations you've asked about.

The camera does have an ISO 800 mode but I don't find those pictures very good looking.

That said - there are some things you can do:
1. Use a tripod with a slow shutter time.

HINT - the rightmost numbers will be the camera's auto exposure compensation by the camera, you can adjust the shutter speed until you see the exposure compensation get near 0.

2. Get a flash
Steve here recommends a slave from Ritz.. I have it and its a good little flash ..goes for 20 bucks, and has a photo eye on the top. With a little experimenting can do a good job. I'd recommend multiple ones for big dark rooms :-)

Hope it helps!
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I amno means anexpert, but I can give you some tips for night shots which worked for me :

- don't use auto modes, switch to manual
- set a higher ISO (i mosly use 200) to reduce needed shutter time

- don't use more zoom as needed, or don't use any (this will ensure a low f- number which means your lens will get the most of light)
-experiment with shutter times (for DX6440 1/8 and 1/15 seem best)
-use the self-timer function to prevent shaking of camera

Probably the best idea though would be to get a tripod mount and you wouldn't have to mess around with all these settings. I am sure you'll find out what works best for you.
Good Luck,


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