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Hi there,

Pleased to find you knowledgeable folks out here. I'm in the market to replace a destroyed Fuji FinePix (amateur use, pretty much click/shoot, some zooming for eBay items, etc, lots of outdoor camping & indoors family shots).

Aside from basic issues of technical quality, my main criterion is
fast click-to-capture speed.
The apparently industry-wide delay of 0.6 - 0.9 seconds has been a MAJOR problem with catching many forms of speedy wildlife, including children.

Browsing all the available models, I've found the Kodak dx7440 to be by far the fastest I've tested at 0.2.

Can anyone either point me to a similarly quick model of any make, for comparison, or calm my qualms that going for capture speed might sacrifice other qualities? Is this puppy a good Kodak investment, or is it a one-off oddball in their line-up?

Most grateful for tips,
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go to dpreview.com there are a few people i know there that have this cam,,,yes it is that fast....and from the people i`ve talked to it focuses fast enough that it`ll be dead on before you get to compose the shot,,,from the pics i`ve seen it`s a great DC ,,,,really sharp images,,,

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I've had a 7440 for all of a week now and am still putting it through its paces. So far, very happy, I had some 6x4 test prints made up today and to me they are excellent.

Like all of its price peers it has a limited flash range (the numbers shown in the specs are pretty much on target) and in available light is happiest at ISO 80 or 100. Unlike many of them, the settings are very easy to make and use of the camera is very simple. Dim light focus is excellent. And you don't have to worry about the viewfinder blanking out as it is optical and not EVF.

There is a specific setting for active children in bright light but I've had no occasion to use it.

The drawback for me is that the WA is only a 33mm equiv but that is made up to some degree by the tele going out to 132mm equiv.

Brian's suggestion about dpreview is a good one, there is a lot more 7440 traffic over there.


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