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Default EasyShare 3.0 "issues"

There are a couple of annoying things I've found in EasyShare (ES) v3.0, and I wanted to see if anyone had ways around this. First, for each .jpg, .tif, etc file you open that's associated with ES, the picture is automatically added to your "collection." I haven't found any way to make this not happen. I get many pictures sent that I only want to view once through email, and not have them added to ES, however, unless you associate the file type with some other viewer (which then creates problems when using ES), I don't see how this can be avoided. Second, to make this even worse, the files opened from within an email--if using Outlook--are catologed using the /temp/OLK sub-directory, so you now have files that are sitting in a temp directory showing up in "My Collection". The problem here is if you empty the temp directory, you might inadvertantly empty pictures from your collection that you might want and have thought were safely saved on your drive--without realizing they were in a temp directory.

Next, if using Win 98 and Outlook, even if a .jpg is associated with ES, the picture won't open from within an email. You first have to save it, then open it from Explorer--and then it's automatically added to "my collection!" It doesn't make sense that this would be designed this way, but it sure seems to be the only option.

Finally, one other minor annoyance--if you send an email from within ES, there's no way of tracking what or to whom you sent.

I would change to another piece of software, except then you lose some of the things that you bought the Kodak for in the first place--tagging pictures and one-touch emailing, printing, etc.

Any suggestions or other observations???

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My camera came with EasyShare 2.0 back in December and I only tried it once or twice. It made way too many assumptions for me, including handling of photo collections (such as searching and adding existing images on the hard disk that I had no interest on including in a collection). Also for some reason it could not find the camera properly even though Windows (XP) recognized it properly and I followed the proper installation sequence as directed by the manual. Anyway, I dumped the program shortly after and have no plans of trying the newer version after reading this.

Excellent piece of hardware (the camera) but not-so-good software. I wish I could reprogram that "Share" button in the camera that I never use.

I am using ArcSoft Photo Studio which came with my Canon scanner to touch up pictures with good results. Also, Windows XP's limited built-in image handling features are good enough for my needs.
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Unfortunately its not possible to prevent Easyshare adding new jpg files to the collection (other than not associating jpg files with ESS in the first place obviously).

The problem you highlighted with opening jpg's from outlook etc is also a recognised problem that Kodak are aware of (and have admitted to - I forget the web page).
You'll also have similar issues if you double-click a jpg that is on a mapped network drive since ESS cannot access mapped or networked drives.

My belief is Kodak are working solutions into these issues into future versions.
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