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Terry1100 Sep 7, 2005 2:04 PM

Currently in the UK, the best price for a C360 is £150GBP and retailers who still have the LS753 are selling at £140GBP.

Looking at the sample images in Steve's reviews, the C360 seems to overexpose slightly and the LS753 underexpose slightly. Other than that, quality seems similar.

Firstly can anyone confirm if (body,lens power, video frame rateetc aside), the actual imaging hardware is the same in both cameras.

If yes, are the firmware parameters (program curves and stuff) the same in both cameras.

I've now had the opportunity to "hands on" both cameras and surprisingly I found the 753 better in the hand - as it's longer, the optical viefinder is easier to use and the zooming control seems better.

Finally, can anyone comment on the relative speeds of the two cameras (I suppose if the answer to the above questions is yes then it should be the same) but is either camera faster in shutter lag and/or shot to shot.

All other things being equal, I'll go for the LS753 but as the C360 is half a generation newer, I'll take it if that equals higher quality images.

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