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I just purchased a lense adaptor and some filters for my P850. My plan of course, was to be able to use the filters and extra lense options that this would give me.

My question is how much the adaptor itself will affect the camera focus functions and my picture results. I thought that by leaving the adaptor on with a simple uv filter, I would be adding extra lense protection to the camera lense itself. Or, would this be a bad idea for general camera use, especially indoors? Does anyone else do this?

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A lens/filter adaptor is noth more that a tube that is threaded to held a aux. lens at the proper distance from the fron element of your lens and does nothing to the light going into the lens.

Any time you add glass to a existing optical formula you are altering the quality of the original optical formula be it a aux. lens, clear, colored or pol. filter.

So long as the adaptor is the prper size for your camera you can keep it on the camera with nothing to worry about.


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You need to take the following with a big grain of salt as I never made proper comparisons between adapter-on and adapter-off.

Camera - Z650.

Lens adapter - flared.

It's been a while but when I was attempting late-day, low-light, outdoor shots I came to believe the adapter was interfering with the low light sensor that is to the side of the lens housing. I liked the adapter on as a lens protector but beganremoving it for low light conditions.I have no lenses or filters for the adapter.

Indoors, you have static conditions that should allow for side-by-side comparisons of shots with the adapter on and the adapter off.

Not much of an answer but I hope it helps.
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The adapter itself changes nothing with my DX6490 and I leave it on all the time! The UV ( or in my case a Skylight 1-A filter) doesn't interfere with my outdoor shots but I remove it for low light shots and indoor photography as it does make the photos 1 stop darker. If you add the wide angle lens though then you are putting something between your subject and the onboard flash! For those shots with the wide angle lens or a telephoto lens (remember this is with my DX6490) you need an auxilliary flash unit that is not blocked by the flare of the lens. Also there is a bit of darkening caused by the flare of my adapter tube interfering with the sensor (in my case mounted right over the camera lens) that will cause some darkening when the adapter tube is left on. Over time I've learned to cope with it by upping the exposure compensation a little when the tube is on and I'm using the flash indoors! I haven't tried it with the P850 and an adapter tube yet but will look this weekend on a friends and see what happens! You have one and can try it yourself.

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I too leave the adapter and uv filter on all the time..Night shots indoors I always use an external flash so I don't have any trouble. The external flash also helps to do away with redeye


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