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in_the_gym Sep 22, 2006 12:45 PM

sameroad Sep 22, 2006 12:56 PM

Nice and sharp!

Love that last one. I can never get close enough to a butterfly to take its pictures.

Great shots.

domang Sep 22, 2006 1:12 PM

Beauties, Dawn.

Boily Sep 22, 2006 4:54 PM

magnific, beautiful close-ups, I like the colours, great job :cool:

bigdawg Sep 22, 2006 5:49 PM

The butterfly shot is outstanding Dawn. Love those colors. I'm planning on moving up to DSLR soon but I think for those rich Kodak colors I'll keep the Ole DX6490 around!


mtclimber Sep 22, 2006 7:21 PM

They are ALL Great, Dawn. Thanks for posting.


in_the_gym Sep 23, 2006 4:09 PM

Thanks Sameroad, Domang, Boily, Dawg and Sarah ! I appreciate all the wonderful comments.

Dawg, what DSLR are you looking to get ?


bill2468 Sep 23, 2006 5:22 PM

Don't say end of summer

Say start of fall



bigdawg Sep 23, 2006 6:41 PM

Dawn I'm looking at a Pentax K10D that isn't even in the stores yet! You can go here for a review.

It will be able to use all those old lens I have laying around for my K1000 film camera. Filters too! LOL Now if the wife just doesn't find out about my EBAY bidding on some more lens I'll live to own the K10D. LOL


in_the_gym Sep 23, 2006 9:10 PM

Great to hear - can't wait to see some pics from the new cam when you get it. I'll keep your secret about your bids on E-bay ! LOL


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