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I've been wondering if I should get the P20 flash unit or a third party flash unit... If you suggest a third party flash unit, which one should I get. I was also wondering what telephoto lens and wide angle lens I should get.... If you suggest a lens not made by Kodak, can you tell me what one to get. What should I get first: the telephoto lens or wide angle lens??
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You should take a look at this topic :-)

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It's realy according to what you want to do! If you shoot wide vista landscapes or indoor shots then get the P20 flash from Kodak as it was made to interface with the P850 through the hotshoe! They will actually interact with one another and give you really good results! Also if this is the type of photography you intend on doing go here


And get the Schneider wide angle lens! Proven quality and a good price from folks that will treat you right!

If on the otherhand you want to shoot wild life or sporting events in the daytime or as I love to do photograph the moon in all it's celestial beauty then get the olympus TCON-17 lens as it is a 1.7X lens multiplier as opposed to Kodaks 1.4X TCON! Go here to order it again as these folks will treat you right! Please!!!!! Please!!! Stay away from those cheapie Ebay deals!! You'll be sorry more often than pleased!

With either of these lens you'll need the Kodak lens adapter to mount them! Go here to see one and it's price!


Hope you get the one's you want and Happy Shooting!

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