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Default flash

so without a hot shoe is there anyway else to 'add' flash? My brother mentioned that there are flashes that work off of a built in flash, pick up a signal or something. any ideas?
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They are called slave flashes. I don't know much about them but I'm trying to learn. I have a nice flash unit from my 35 mm SLR days and I'd like to use it with my digicam.

I've been playing with digital cameras on and off for about . . . don't know, since 2 MP was considered state of the art.

The current slave triggers seem to just use the flash off the camera's flash unit which means that you have two nearly simultaneous flashes. I recall slave triggers that mounted in front of the camera's flash, effectively blocking it, so you'd only have your external flash to deal with. Haven't seen those in my internet search. Maybe someone knows where I can get one like this.
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Slave flash units are readily available. One big source is E-Bay. here is a Digital Concepts Flash which runs about $40 on E-Bay. It will do conventional, straight ahead flash as well as bounce flash. The Slave Flash is fired by a photo-electric cell in the Slave that "sees" the built-in flash on the camera fire.

Please click on the link below to see the photo:


Sarah Joyce
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Check out this link for a slave flash with bracket...

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If you already have an external flash, it's pretty easy to get a optical trigger for less than $25 and attach to the flash.l

If you don't already own an external flash, then buying a flash with a built-in optical trigger would be a better solution.

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