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When you take photo inside do you automatically/always use flash? Most folks do. Here are two photos that pretty clearly show that you can get good clean photos WITHOUT flash inside, simply by increasing your ISO setting.

In this photo, taken using a C-875, the flash was used.

In this photo, taken with the C-875, just 30 secons after the first photo, the only changes made were to turn off the flash and to increase the ISO setting to 400.

The point I am attempting to make is this: some folks, like my husband, are sensitive to or have a different kind of pose when you come at them with your camera in your hand and they know that you will be using a flash. When you tell them that you are not going to use flash, they seem to relax a lot, and as a result you get better photos, especially if they wear glasses, because the reflections are eliminated. I personally like the no flash photo a lot better than the first shot.

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I think you make your point well, Sarah. And I think that, for generally picture taking, the C875 does well at higher ISO settings.

But you knew there'd be another shoe to drop on another hand, right? OTOH, the blurring of detail (noise reduction)isvisibleat higher ISO settings.

BTW - You should give the old man some chores to do to get him off his duff. He hasn't moved from that chairfor weeks now. :-)

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But how can I possibly complain! He always willingly poses for me without the slighest complaint, even when he does not like flash photos. Second reason:After 49 years of marriage and 8 children, we are sort of "really attached." Its good to hear from you again.

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Old Dec 22, 2006, 9:47 AM   #4
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Hello M/T

Looking for a compact (as in fits in jacket pocket easy) with more than 3x optical zoom. Regret that eyelevel view finders are becoming hard to find.

Been looking at Kodak C875 and Panasonic DMCLZ3S with it's 6x optical 5mp.

Only regret is that it uses AA batteries and is not a Leica lens

I could do without anew camera but I have a $100.00 certificate for Best Buy that is burning a hole in my pocket.

Must use SD memory like my Kodaks and if used the same rechargable battery it would be perfect.

Any recomendations?????


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A good comparison Sarah! I like the skin tone better in the flash shot!

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Mtclimber, this is an excellent suggestion. Thanks for posting this.
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