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Default Has anyone purchased the LS443 yet?

I just wanted to know if anyone had purchased this camera yet. If so what do you think of it so far? How is the focusing? How is it size wise? Small enough to fit in your pocket? I currently own the s230 and I'm thinking of purchasing an additional camera eventually for the situations I've run into where the s230 has had problems focusing. I still want to keep my s230 because it does excellent day shots and the pocket size is unbeatable for vacations. Plus the underwater housing I'm going to buy for it allows me to take pictures while snorkeling which will be great!
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I have owned a LS443 for about 3 months. I bought one when they first came out. Here are some of the things I have had to say about it on the DPREVIEW website forum. I hope these comments help everyone. Also, if you want to see just what the LS443 will do, check out my photos on this website.


For all of you who love Kodak cameras: ENJOY !
For all of you who "just can't decide" which camera to buy: CHECK IT OUT
For all of you who don't think the LS443 is up to sctratch: I LIKE IT !

Just a little foot note for those of you considering a LS443 or another camera. I stuck my LS443 in my pocket and took it to the local mall on our weekend family shopping trip. I snapped these photos in the mall, got home and plopped the camera on the dock, pressed ONE (1) button and wingo bingo, I had pictures on my pc in less than 5 minutes ready to edit, email, slide show, share, and enjoy. And while I was looking at them on the PC the dock was graciously deleting the photos from the camera, recharging the battery, and getting it ready for my next family outing. All this with the push of a single button.

Sorry folks, but this camera ROCKS and is going to sell like hot cakes.

Hope everyone enjoys.

Yea Baby! This is the one I have been waiting for. I just purchased a new LS443 last Saturday. I saw the preview of the LS443 on this site about a two weeks ago and decided I had to have one. The article said the LS would be available in October, so I took a chance and stopped at Circuit City Saturday October 4th. When I checked the shelves they did not have any out. So I asked the salesman when they expected to get some in. He checked his computer and they had just got three units in that day, and they were still in the stock room. I told him I would wait, while he went back to get one!! There is a story behind this so bear with me.

I bought my first Kodak digital camera about 3 years ago, a DC3400 and loved it. As a matter of fact I still have it. The 3400 is bullet proof when it comes to the average go getting great shots in any situation, without messing with white balance, exposure, etc. I didn’t realize how good the camera was until I purchased a Canon S110 about a year later. I loved the size but hated the yellow cast I got in every shot and the thing had a terrible focus problem. With the S110 white walls were dingy in color and everyone’s face was either pasty or had a reddish cast (not natural). The biggest kicker was the color. Kodak mops up when it comes to excellent saturation and vibrant colors (hands down). Still wanting a camera that was easier to travel with than the DC3400. I soon sold the S110 and got another Cannon, this time a S330. Canon had made improvements on their white balance and color. The S330 had 3x zoom, was still small, and now took good to excellent shots. The white balance worked great if you made the manual presets, but don’t let the camera decide, because it can’t. Anyway, the whole problem was, I wanted Kodak color and richness, but in a small package. I later saw a Kodak DC3800 in the local Walmart and decided to give one a try. The 3800 came up short. The focus was soft the camera was dog slow and it did not have an optical zoom (just digital). The 3800 was soon sold.

So back to the LS443. I was waiting on Kodak to come out with a smaller sized camera with hopefully 2x or 3x zoom, 3-4megapixal in an attractive unit. The minute I saw the press release on the LS443 I knew that this was the one. Now for the real stuff, how does it perform. Like a champ!! Styling is excellent, build quality is very good (wish it was stainless instead of plastic but being light is nice). This thing is fast. Flip it on and you are ready to shoot! Controls are well-placed and very very simple to use. The LCD is nowhere near as sharp as the Canon, but far better than my DC3400. It has 2x and 4x zoom on the LCD reviews and an option to view thumbnails (very similar to the Canon S330). The 3x zoom is great and being 4megapixles is tremendous. The new German lens combined with the 4 mg really makes this thing perform. I CANNOT BELIEVE how crisp and sharp the photos are. I was initially worried because the shots appeared a bit rough on my PC when viewed through my software. However, after printing some shots and burning a DVD on my ULEAD DVD Picture Show software, the clarity, sharpness, and vibrant rich colors are unbelievable! Great job Kodak. When I played the DVD on a large screen Sony WEGA TV I was extremely pleased with the performance of the LS443. The whites are WHITE! (I shot every shot in auto mode, indoor, outdoor, low light, great light) and the exposure and white balance performed flawlessly! No more monkying with buttons and guessing which one I should use. The flash does a great job and the camera is butt simple to use. As for the Easy Share system. Love IT. Great software and the docking station is a great idea.

Now what I don’t like. The camera uses multi-media cards. That means that all of my compact flash cards are useless in this camera. Oh well, I’ll get over it. Still wish the case was stainless steel and finally: what about a camera case?? Kodak should at least offer one especially designed for the LS443.

I will do another update as I get more experience with the LS443. But for now, as a semi-novice user, who shoots a ton of pictures every year, the LS443 is a GREAT camera. PS visit the Kodak website and do some exploring. They have an exceptional section on digital photography. Kodak does a good job of helping you utilize and enjoy your digital cameras to there fullest. If you really want to enjoy your pictures try the ULEAD DVD Picture show software. TV is much more fun than photo albums.

The camera is not perfect, but it is a great take along point and shoot with great color and easy, easy, to use. Love the docking station. This one goes on all of the family trips now, and the Canon S330 stays at home.

I have been reading the threads on this and for what its worth, here is my input. I have a Kodak DC3400, a Canon S330, a Kodak LS443 and a Canon G2. I am an amateur plain and simple, but I think that I have taken some good shots and even done a wedding.
1. Kodak DC3400. GREAT CAMERA, great colors, very good focus ability, get very good shots 90% of the time. However, it is big and slow, and I don't like the 4 double A batteries. But I won't sell it either.
2. Canon S330, VERY GOOD camera, excellent size for travel, good colors but not as saturated as the Kodak. Very fast and super LCD. Lots of features and Neat! Auto white balance DOES NOT WORK! You have to be Very Aware of your lighting and make manual settings to adjust for it. Be on your toes or you will be highly disappointed. Poor indoors low light performer.
3. Canon G2, just got it and have limited time with it. It is big and well built. Canon quality is outstanding. Super LCD again, takes some very SHARP photos, with good color but again nowhere near Kodak's color. Good white balance and tons of features. Auto white balance appears to work well. At least much better than the S330. Has done well indoors compared to the S330. I like it, but it will be my wedding work horse, not my take along.
4. Kodak LS443. LOVE IT!. Small, sexy, light, well built, and excellent color saturation. Yes the shots are not as fine as the G2 on distant shots but up close I think the G2 gets a run for the money. As for the white balance, no muss no fuss, this thing is AUTOMATIC!! I like that. Do yourself a favor and try something. Hit Steve's Digicam site and go to the G2 and LS443 photos. Load them up, save them to your pc and them play them on your pc in a slide show. Don't over analyze them! just play them and see which ones you like best. The color on the LS443 makes the pictures VERY ENJOYABLE. I saved the boat shot, the playground shot (lots of color), and the beach shot with the surf boards. There is a huge difference in color saturation, and the LS443 shots look great! Last but not least, the docking station is kick but!! Love it. Just set the camera down, push the button and wamo bamo your photos are downloaded to your pc, ready for viewing and editing, and then your photos can automaticall be erased from the camera, while the battery charges. WOW what more could you ask for. Also the easy share software lets you email, edit redeye (works much better than the fancy software!!), do some basic fixing (which I have not needed to do) organize and save favorites. I LIKE THIS SOFTWARE and I have a bunch to compare to. The Easy Share is GREAT AND FAST.
Enough rambling. I know there will be those who don't agree but try the comparison I spoke of. I think that you will be surprised how well the LS443 shots look just plain more pleasing than the G2 shots.
Hey, let me know how it went.
Also, check out my LS443 shots at http://www.pbase.com/73mustang/new_k...3_shots&page=1

Listen, I own two Canons myself and I really like them. But when it comes down to it I much prefer the Kodak photos than the ones I get from my G2 and S330. Canon builds a sexy, WELL BUILT, camera, but I agree with the guy who has been getting the opinions from the average person, (who dosen't give a hoot about pixles, specs, and how sharp every leaf is in the picture). I think this guy is right on the money. I would bet that 8 out of 10 people shown the same shot from a Canon or Kodak, would pick the Kodak, hands down. Try it yourself, I did. Go to Steve's review website, download the playground, boat in the harbor, and surfboards on the beach photos, from the LS443 and the Canon G2. Print them and then show them around. Be fair and let the people decide without your input. Bet the Kodak wins. You up to the challange. These are shots that someone else took with both cameras. Just for kicks, I think that a number of people following this thread should give it a whirl and report there numbers. Leave the specs and nitpicking out of it. Just let the average person (who knows what he or she likes) decide. What you say?

Extra Battery Question
Go to Kodak's website (Kodak.com) Great Web Site!
Go to the top of the page and select digital cameras from the pull down menu. You may have to go through a couple of screens but go to the Easy Share cameras. Once you are there, there should be an optioin for accesories, click on it and you should see the accesories listed for the LS443. You can purchase a seperate battery charger that comes with an extra battery. (I did this. It is a nice compact little charger that you just plub into the wall and stick your battery in. You will get a red light and when the battery is charged it turns green. Walla.) I think the cost for the charger and battery is around $35.00 (not bad for a battery and charger). Kodak ships promptly and you get emails confirming your order. I have been extremely impressed with Kodak's service. I have contacted them on questions and purchased accesories with ease. Unlike the Canon people who leave you on hold to die. I have been using my LS443 for about 3 months now and never had to put in the extra battery. I shoot about 50 shots at a time with no problems.
Hope this helps.
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