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thegreatfixer Aug 13, 2003 6:15 PM

help with a flash (getting flash blasted)
Hello this is thegreatfixer and I just had a rude awakening I am the proud owner on a Kodak dx3600 as most reviews note the flash is one of its weak points and I was always wondering if there is such a thing as a flash booster (something that would attach to the tripod mount and somehow sense when to flash)

Well I just found out there is such a device (I just came from a wedding and the photographer had set up all over the room big flash bulbs that where in sync with his camera (so I thought) well rude awakening it was what I was thinking of it would also go of and over brighten my pictures :shock: (the photographer came over to me and said HEY STOP MESSING WITH MY EQUPTMENT YOU ARE TAKING SO MANY PICTURES YOU ARE GOING TO RUIN MY BULBS
Wow what do you say to that he was the reason why so many of my (good) pictures did not come out well (over bright) and then started to blame me

Ok so I know that with the Kodak dx3600 there is no exposure setting so my camera kept getting fooled is there something I can do

And on a side note how small and $imple are these flash sensor/boosters (can I add one to my camera) and can I control it with my camera or what do I need to look for in a camera in that environment

Thank you

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