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Merry Christmas, everyone,

I'm wondering if you all could help me out a little bit. I've had my Z712 for a couple of months. Sometimes, I get good pictures with it, and sometimes I don't.

I'm going to attach a couple of picture that were just taken yesterday. They are both straight out of the camera, except for resizing, and one is cropped a little.

I really love this camera, and I know that it's capable of taking great shots.

Here's the first one.


Attached Images
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I believe this photo was not sharp due to motion blur. According to your EXIF data the shutter speed used was 1/2 sec. Even with IS 1/2 sec. is too slow a shutter speed to hand hold a 36mm equiv. lens. With IS and good technique you can hand-hold 1/8 sec. if your subjects are perfectly still. The ISO selected was 100. Raising the ISO to 400 which is a practical level on the Z712 would have yielded a shutter speed of 1/8 sec. and a greater probablity of a sharp photo.

A. C.

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AC Smith is exactly correct. The blur is due to a low shutter speed selected by your camera. If you had used the Z712's built in flash or even if you had used the Z-712 with more flash power, as you would get from using a slave flash like the DigiSlave 3000, you coud have easily avoided this problem.

Sarah Joyce
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