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What a great forum!

I am looking to upgrade my camera (Kodak DX4330) and have come across a great deal on the Z712. I like the Z812 as well, but where I live, it is currently unobtainable.

As the camera will be used mostly for every day stuff,I was wondering how fast is this camera ready to take the next image, say in the auto mode with flash.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Some of it will depend on the shutter speed used. At longer exposures it takes longer for the processor to process the image. Normal daytime out door photos with faster shutter speeds will take only a fraction of a second to one second to go from photo to photo. You can shoot some in burst mode to get more photos close together...Just remember they will be lower quality and the processor will have a time out to process the burst...Several seconds here. If there is one on display in a store ...Try it out...Most stores even Walmart have a display camera and powered up so you can shoot some photos to get a feel of the time involved. Don't expect it to be as fast as a DSLR...It isn't... But compared to the older camera you have it will be some faster.

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Thanks Bigdawg!

I did end up gettingthe Z712,and I am really happy with it! It does even more than I expected. It is slower than Iwanted from picture to picture, but you're right, it is faster than my old DX. I have an earlier generation, cheapo1GB card, but Iam going to upgrade to a quality card with a faster wright speed.That should makeit even nicer to use.

Thanks again

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