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inneyeseakay Aug 31, 2006 12:12 AM

Well, I returned my camera, because the EVF finally went all the way out and I happened to call another Wal-Mart and they had only one in stock. So I went and changed it out, No Problems, but when I just pulled the new charger out of the box, it's missing the adapter piece that allows me to plug it in. I was wondering if anyone happened to have an extra one laying around that they would want to sell?

shooting_rubber Aug 31, 2006 12:15 AM

Maybe, call or email Kodak?


wizbummer Aug 31, 2006 12:37 AM

shoot an email to kodak, they're very helpful with this!

I had left mine in WV after a vacation, I sent them an email with all my info (they need name, address, phone #, model and serial # from the camera), and literally 2 days later, I had a whole new charger AND battery... on their website, that's $35! And I only requested a part worth maybe $.30!

Now I'm not saying they'll send you a whole charger and battery as well... but they'll at least get you what you need!

inneyeseakay Aug 31, 2006 12:45 AM

That's awesome... I have 2 fully charged KLIC-5001's and a charged KLIC-5000... I sent them an email tonight. Hopefully I will getat least a charger adapter piece before I use all those up :D

inneyeseakay Sep 1, 2006 1:01 AM

Kodak Information and Technical Supportwrote:

Greetings Nicholas,

Thank you for your recent visit to the Kodak Web site and question about
the missing US plug in the package of your Kodak EasyShare P850 zoom
digital camera.

We apologize for your frustration.

We already processed a request for this item. Please expect to receive
it within 7-10 business days. For your reference, your case number is

We are glad to be of service and are here for you if you need us in the
future. Please reply to us "with history" if you need to respond to
this email.


Josan C.
Kodak Information and Technical Support

wizbummer Sep 1, 2006 9:14 AM

Same kinda message I got. Let's see if you recieve the same thing I did too!

Oh, and they told me 7-10 days also. I got mine in 2, they're in New York so I'd expect you to have 2-3 days

inneyeseakay Sep 1, 2006 10:16 AM

I can only hope to get the entire charger/battery. But I will still be happy as long as I get my adapter, lol. I was thinking, after reading your message, that maybe all of this is prepackaged and they don't just send out individual parts. They just find the package that includes your part and send you the whole thing.

inneyeseakay Sep 6, 2006 1:12 AM

Alrighty.. got my stuff today... Got a KLIC-5000 and Charger/Adapter... Just wondering if you got the KLIC-5000 or KLIC-5001 with yours?

Morag2 Sep 6, 2006 9:08 AM

Haha, are you never happy?:blah: I'd like any free battery, whether it's the 5000 or 5001 version!:lol:

inneyeseakay Sep 6, 2006 11:22 AM

Yeah, I was stoked... I was jsut curious as to what he got. Now if I can only find a adapter plate... LOL, Then I could charge two batteries at once. :blah:

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