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error.corrective Feb 4, 2006 9:51 AM

Hello to all, I am new here!

I hown a Kodak CX6330 and my zoom button was broken, thus I lost it.

Does anyone have malfunctioning CX6330 (DX6440) willing to sell me the zoom button (or any other model that would fit in)? Any service store etc.?

The reason why I am asking this is that I live in a country where there is no official Kodak service. Sending to a nearest one would cost me more than a new camera (plus my warranty has expired). Also, ordering the button from a specific site (because Kodak does not have any left) would cost me a lot because they sell the button only including the rear mask.

On the other hand, the camera is functioning very well so I don't have a reason to by a one.

Please help me in any way.


P.S. Is there an option to send a private message to a specific user on this forum?

bigdawg Feb 4, 2006 8:45 PM

If you will go over to an avatar and left click on the persons name above the avatar the options menue will open. Click on- send private message and then send one! I can't help with this problem as I have no Idea what to tell you. Hope you have some luck with it!


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