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crombie5 Jan 28, 2003 12:51 PM

Kodak DC4800 cracked housing.
I have had my DC4800 for 2 years, and use it on a regular basis. About 8 months ago I noticed a crack develope on the back housing next to the LCD screen, then one appeared above the screen. Now I've noticed cracks on the bottom of the camera housing including the battery door. Any others with this problem? Cost to repair? Time to move on to a Nikon 5700? Thanks :) crombie5

twcoffey Jan 29, 2003 8:20 AM

I have the same situation around the LCD but I can't determine if it is more than a surface crack. Since mine is beyond warranty period and I will probably repair it myself with some cement if it gets to be a problem with camera operation or function. I can overlook the cosmetics. I have a coolpix 5700 and it is good except for a few problems such as battery life, poor autofocus operation, and not very intuitive(too complex with multiple menus, buttons galore, etc.) as far as operation is concerned.
There is always a new one just around the corner the life of these products seems to be about 2 years. No more 20-30 years like the old mechanical film cameras.

Sotterraneo Feb 6, 2003 11:15 PM


The cracks in the DC4800 case are a KNOWN ISSUE with Kodak.

They are, usually, just a cosmetic thing and do not hinder the function of the camera.

I had the cracks on my DC4800 repaired under warranty, but I have read in a number of forums that since it is a known issue for that model, that Kodak has been repairing the cases free-of-charge even for cameras outside the warranty period.

So, I would suggest that you contact Kodak about it, even if you're out of warranty. The only downside is being without your camera for 1-2 months (mine was 6 weeks repair time).


Kujo Feb 19, 2003 6:51 AM

About 2 weeks before my camera went out of warranty the rear casing developed cracks. I sent it back after calling the lady on the phone and got the camera back in less than 2 weeks. It's been a year and no more cracks. I'm wondering if they didn't make the case a little thicker or something. I've never heard of this problem repeating itself after the repair. I wouldn't use cement on it, make them fix it!

zantoz Jul 25, 2003 5:52 PM


My DC4800 also has developed the cracks you've mentioned! Not very noticeable, though. They seem more like scratches.

Anyway, I have a more serious problem with my camera. It has the lcd backlight broken. Kodak replaces it for $150. Does any knows where can I find a replacement part and for how much? The lcd itself is fine, only the light is broken.

I'm also thinking about replacing the broken backlight by an ELS sheet, if I can find any info about power consuption of the original backlight (the entire LCD frame has several "Sanyo"s engraved, but they don't reply to my mails!:(

Best regards.

Dace Jul 27, 2003 8:47 PM

Ok guys - here's the deal.

There was a known issue with the DC4800. Cracks can appear near the LCD screen (not on it - but on the casing near it).

It is caused by faulty paint used in the production of the camera (serials with letters ending in AA are most affected).

If your camera has this problem Kodak will give you a warrenty repair regardless of the age of the camera (and replace the camera casing for you).

Incidentally, Kodak's repair times vary depending where you are in the world so don't assume your waiting time would be the same as others.

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