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Hello. I bought a Kodak V610 camera and paid for it with PayPal. The camera stopped producing the quality pictures, so I went to Kodak.com and used the online service to see if I can get help. Kodak.com says my camera is under warranty. I followed the instructions and shipped the defective camera with the printout from Kodak.com which says my camera is under warranty to their appointed repair shop.

A week after the repair shop had received it, I received and estimate for $150+. I called demanding why I should be charged for something under warranty, I was told to fax in my receipt. I went to my email account, found the PAYPAL email receipt, printed it out and faxed it to the repair shop. I called a few minutes later just to be insulted by a CS Rep, saying my PayPal receipt is not an acceptable receipt. She said she will have to talk to her supervisor. She called back 30 mins later and said PayPal receipts are not acceptable and thus if I want my camera repaired I need to pay $150+ Visa or MC. Or I should to contact the seller and get a valid receipt. (Not possible in this case)

After another 30 minutes of angry words, she finally said her supervisor says I should call Kodak and have a Kodak Manager call them and authorize the repair work.

So I called Kodak. 2 hours later, Kodak will not give me a fax number to fax my PayPal Receipt. And Kodak insists I call the repair shop and ask them what form of receipts are acceptable. Finally I convinced Kodak that they should be party to my conversation with the repair shop. I then called the repair shop who then said the same thing they had said 2.5 hours ago; PayPal receipts are not acceptable. Have a Kodak Manager call and authorize the repair work.

The repair shop manager hung up. Kodak put me on hold for another 5 mins then gives me a fax number. I faxed my PayPal receipt to Kodak. Hoping that the Manager Jeff would return my call and say: We got you covered.

Two days later no call from Jeff at Kodak. So I called Kodak. I give them the previous call ID and ask what they have done regarding my case. Kodak rep kindly told me, Kodak does not accept PayPal receipts as proof of Purchase. Kodak rep then advised me what might be a Valid proof of purchase; A receipt that shows the Date, Name of Company (individuals selling to individuals do not qualify), Item description and Dollar Amount. I informed her that all these items are on my PayPal receipt, so whats the hold up. She put me on hold for 30 mins and the call disconnected.

This goes out as a warning to all internet users, DO NOT BUY KODAK unless it is from a reputable company found on their website. DO NOT BUY KODAK from individual sellers. JUST DON'T BUY KODAK CAMERAS.
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Actually I only buy Kodak refurbs from Kodak's web site. Never had a problem. Under the circumstances you describe I'd be very surprised if any manufacturer would back the warranty but of course it would be a pleasant surprise if they did.
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Always buy from an authorized dealer if you expect your warranty to be recognized by the manufacturer.
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I bought 2 Kodak V around 2005/2006

Both had a sealed sticker label on the opening notch of the package box i.e. to prevent shops from selling re-furbished DCs

But the recent V & Z series no longer carry such foul-proof stickers
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did you ever think to contact your credicard and ask for a receipt from them, andplace a disbut on it?

Paypal is a 3rd party that only holds your creditcard instead of you giving out your card, paypal covers that end, did you or do they still have a refund option fora charge?

I would repurchase, and swap, sell on ebay etc,

Another headache I found out was when I useda Creditcard, they would say sorry your disbute cannot be handeled do to an online Purchase you must pay. I would also add this Note isit writen in fine print on the warrany in the box if not then you would becovered but you may have to go back to the person you got it from, then all be handeled.
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Yep when you buy a camera from the corner fish stand it's kinda tough to prove it was really a new camera.
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Wait a second here... you ONLY have a paypal receipt? Doesn't that mean you bought it off ebay or some similar place?

Ebay is not retail store. If your friend sells you a digital camera and you pay for it using paypal do you expect any company to honor that sale with a warranty? The same applies for Ebay or similar sites. Paypal is not a store... they do not sell you things so don't expect their receipt to hold any weight!!

Sorry you got a faulty camera, but buy from a reputable place if you want the warranty to be valid.

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