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Default Kodak DX4300 Firmware Upgrade??

Greetings all. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I am looking for an upgrade to the DX4300's firmware, but I cannot find it on the Kodak site. Any input or direction would be much appreciated.


P.S.: I am looking to upgrade the firmware because I have a 256MB SD card in this camera, but it doesn't seem to want to use the whole 256MB. It uses up about 206MB instead. I am suspecting that a firmware upgrade would help utilize the full capacity of the card...

I hope to hear from you...
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I doubt they would have it free on their site -- maybe try emailing them ?
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Why wouldn't they? There are firmware updates for other cameras in their site available for download free of charge.

I have a DX4330 too and don't know of any firmware update as far as I can tell. The Kodak download page for the DX4330 doesn't show any firmware update. See this:


The manual only mentions memory card sizes up to 192 MB, so I guess we are stuck for now. I have a 128 MB card.
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if there is no upgrade on their site then there is no upgrade. You can try emailing them but it won't probably help. I emailed them about my kodak firmware for my dx4900. I wanted to have more selections for jpeg compression. Their reply was no firmware upgrades in the near future
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I surfed the site a bit and all firmware uptades I found appeared to be bug fixes.
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The camera should use the full 256MB of the card as it is designed to. If it doesn't it is likely that either the card is faulty or the clips inside the camera that make contact with the SD card inside the slot have worked themselves a little loose.

I'd recommend you contact Kodak tech support - who would be able to advise you on this, and arrange a warranty repair.

(Oh and no, there isn't a firmware update for this camera. Kodak put all their updates on the web as soon as they are available).

Hope the above helps.
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