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Default Kodak DX6440 vs. Canon Powershot A70

Can anyone tell me if the Stitch Assist mode from canon a70 can be found in Kodak Dx6440, and which of these cameras is the best (photo quality, jpeg compression, zoom, autofocus system).
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Kodak has 4 Mpixel CCD, but the high compression JPEG files created by the camera includes a lot of artifacts.

Canon has 3 Mpixels but you has the option to generate lower compression files with less artifacts.

Both cameras had good autofocus system. The Canon include a AF assist light, that the Kodak lacks. But the Kodak autofocus quick in most light condition, even without the AF light.

The Kodak did not have a stitch assist mode, but has a better zoom, is a 4x (33-132 mm equiv.) and is faster f/2.2-4.8). The Canon has a more common 3x zoom (35-105mm equiv. f/2.8-4.8). Both lenses have good quality, I consider the Canon a little better, based on results of profesional reviews, but the Kodak is also a very good.

Even considering that the Kodak has a 4Mpixel CCD and a 4x zoom, I prefer the Canon A70, based on the JPEG compression issue of Kodak cameras.

Both are good cameras and the final decision is up to you.
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Both cameras are excellent. I have the kodak dx6440 and posted my review on the topic "dx6440?"

I'll make some comments on the compression issue, so that we are comparing "apples to apples". The canon A80, which is a 4 mp camera like the dx6440 puts an average of 14 images on a 16 mb card in it 'large, superfine' mode which is the best available. The dx6440' puts 13 in its "best***' mode--that is, similar compression for equivalent mb cameras.

A 4mp image carries much more information than a 3 mp one, and that needs to be taken into account for comparisons. Using compression ratios alone can be misleading. A 1 0r 2 mp image will compress less, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is a better image as it is staring out with far less information.

I've not seen any artifacts on the dx6440 which can be attributed to compression. As I mentioned in the other post, the kodak software tends to create softer images with deeper color saturation, but that is designed in, and is a matter of personal preference.

The site www.imaging-resource.com has a nifty tool--the 'comparorator' which lets you pick 2 cameras and compare the same image side to side. They reviewed the a70, a80, but only the 3 mp kodak dx 6340. That camera is very similar to the 6440, however, in the imaging software. You can compare the a70 and a80 images to the 6340 and see for yourself if there is any substantial difference.
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You have to compare the Kodak DX6440 vs. the Canon A80, or the Kodak DX6340 (or CX6330) vs. the Canon A70. I get sample images from Steve's Digicams site, taken with Kodak DX6440 and Canon A80. I crop a section of the picture and amplified them to 200%. The resulting images can be seen in the following link:


I comsider the Kodak to be sharper but with more artifacts (...). You can compare both pictures and take your own decision.

I will put later another comparision from Kodak CX6330 vs Canon A80, from samples on Steve's site. (Steve have not tested the Kodak DX6340). In this case the difference between two images are greater.

I agree with "afedullo", both cameras are excellent.
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